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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Desperate Housewife

First, she is a liar. A complete liar. A total liar. A lying queen of lying liars.

Second, she's got the Bug-eyed Gleam of Lunacy going bigtime. All of a sudden, as if by Dark Magic, she's been elevated from dealing with state troopers and banning local library books to a national forum, where she is on TV all the time and fed endless egoboo from her rabid Death Eater groupies. For someone like that, who's been fighting for the respect she thinks she deserves all her political life, this is multiple orgasm time.

She had nothing, a jumped-up housewife who got to manage a minor state to her liking, and now she's got real power. People pay attention to her. Journalists ask her questions and write down what she says. And you can see it in her eyes: she loooooooves it. It's what her craven conservative soul has always lusted after. (It's the ONLY thing people like that lust after, and they don't want YOU lusting after anything at all...)

So she's desperate to hold onto this sudden influx of power into her petty little lying life. She's a vampire, and now all of a sudden she comes out of Alaska and has a world of victims to suck off and infect.

Man, if the mainstream media refuses to pick up on this gift from the journalism god Hearst, I wash my hands of my fellow professionals. It's all there: the lies, the insane policies, the corruption.

And we MUST stop letting them away with challenging us when we call them on it. It's the same old trick that's worked for them for years and years, and it has to be shut down. That, and the hurt outrage they use to cover up their sins and offenses: "Who, US? No, not us! We never said that/did that/supported that! How could you even think we did? It's the other guys! We're all clean and pure!"

Why are people so stupid as to buy into this crap, not once but over and over again? There has to be a way
to get the truth into their heads. But they don't seem to want to know the truth, and they blame US for their own error and misjudgment and the fact that they bought into the lies in the first place.

But Palin has got to be stopped. She's Dolores Umbridge, and McLame is Cornelius Fudge, and we're Dumbledore's Army. It can be done. All we need is the Elder Wand...


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