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Monday, September 01, 2008

Papa Don't Preach

Preach, no. Judge, yes.

But the one I'm judging is Governor Sarah Palin, not her underage, unmarried, 5-months-pregnant daughter Bristol.

Yes, the confession came out today: Bristol's pregnant, and the family says she will marry the baby's father.

So Trig Palin, the Down's Syndrome infant, is Palin's after all. And the Gov. is guilty of MERELY a colossal risk of labor on board an airplane: she may have known her body, as some have said, and felt comfortable with the risk, but it's still ragingly irresponsible.

What if young Trig had decided to come aboard the plane, or at the podium? A premature, special-needs (which they knew) baby delivered in a risky environment, all because Mommy Dearest wanted to give a speech and get home.

Anyway, McCain says he knew all about it. Uh-huh. Would you have been so informed in that ONE face-to-face meeing you had with Palin, John-Boy? That she had an unmarried pregnant 16-yearold? Or did you get the news over the phone?

But though I'm very sorry for young Bristol, having her whole life altered perhaps against her dreams, I have to say it sure sounds like a karmic kick in the head for the Gov.

A religious-right, abstinence-urging, sex-education-barring Mrs. Grundy, and now here she is with her child having a child out of wedlock. Oh, they'll stage a nice shotgun wedding as soon as they can haul the two guilty parties in front of a preacher, but it just goes to show you that karma has a sense of what's fitting. Once you start setting yourself as holier than just about everybody, you're just asking for it...

Not to mention here we have a candidate actively campaigning for VP with a special-needs infant at home and an unmarried pregnant daughter as well? Who's taking care of these kids? Daddy? In between his stints as an oil-company shill?

I hope they're shamed and embarrassed. Not that the poor kid's pregnant and her life as she had planned it is probably over (which it is, unless she and the boyfriend actually planned to get knocked up and be teenage parents instead of finishing high school and going to college), but that the family and the pols alike all tried to cover it up till after the Repuggy convention.

Which is what they were desperately trying to do.

Because they're just that hypocritical.

They make me sick.


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