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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Bear That Walks Like A Man

Rudyard Kipling was right about Russia. They're nothing but furtive, secretive, outrageous bullies. What the HELL do they think they're doing invading Georgia (which I wish they would use a different name for in English, since it's so confusing...)?

People are watching the Olympics, so all of a sudden the Russkies think it's a good time to go marching into Czechoslovakia...oops, Georgia. I thought all this sort of thing ended when their pitiful Commie empire broke up and the Wall came down. When will they get it into their thick, borscht-for-brains peasant heads that they can't just decide they want some of their neighbors' land and march in to get it whenever they feel like it?

The breathtaking audacity of whoever it was baldly stating that "the world had better forget about Georgian integrity"??? What is WRONG with these people?

Okay, we're neither blameless or spotless in this area ourselves, but as far as I know we've never tried to annex a piece of Canada or Mexico, not recently anyway. I don't see tanks rolling into Alberta...

Yeesh. Between the Russians and the Chinese, I am utterly fed up with the Reds (and they're still Reds in Russia, don't let them try to tell you differently...)...why can't we have a new Peter the Great (despot, but benevolent despot) or Lao Tze running things?


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