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Saturday, August 30, 2008

President Bimbo

She's a John McCain groupie.

She supports creationism and oil drilling in protected areas, but thinks trying to work up renewable energy resources is a waste of time.

She's anti-choice, anti-polar bear, anti-environment, anti-gay marriage.

She tried to censor public library books.

She's young, utterly inexperienced, totally ignorant of foreign policy.

She likes guns (well, so do I, so I can't bust her on that...).

She's involved with bribery/payoff scandal stuff.

She tried to get the Alaska attorney general to come down on her brother-in-law because he was dissing her sister in a custody case.

Her husband works for Alaska oil interests, which she champions.

She governs the least densely populated state (48th overall) we've got with experience gained from running a town (Wasilla, AK, that she ran into $20 million of debt) that has fewer people than a couple of blocks in my East Village neighborhood.

She was nominated for VP by someone who'd met her ONCE.

She is being investigated on two fronts that could well lead to impeachment charges (or would if there were any justice).

Alaskans are appalled at her even being considered (except, of course, the igloo-brained idiots who elected her in the first place).

And she's a big old liar, baldly stating that she opposed the famous Alaska "bridge to nowhere." LIARLIARLIAR. She supported it. (So, stupid enough to think she can get away with lying and nobody will bother to check on something so easily verifiable.)

The newest wrinkle is that she's not the mother but the grandmother of the Down's syndrome child we hear so much about. (And I'm sorry if this offends some people, but I don't think deliberately deciding to bring a handicapped child into the world is a good idea. Besides, if she's so pro-choice under any circumstances, what was she doing having an amnio anyway? She was going through with the pregnancy no matter what. She says.)

This last questionable matter is based on the fact that she never looked pregnant during the duration of the alleged pregnancy, that she got onto a plane from Texas to Alaska immediately after her water supposedly broke (a HUGE risk), and that her 16-year-old daughter was mysteriously absent from school during the relevant period. It's not much to go on, admittedly, but it's a hell of a lot more substantial than some of the things Repugs have breezily and evilly thrown around: their preposterous claim that Obama is Muslim, for starters. (He certainly is NOT! He's the faithful 20-year disciple of a white-hating, America-trashing, foaming-at-the-mouth, racist Christian minister...and his wife was sitting right there next to him, and their kids too.)

Back to Palin. So she's all this and a bag of moose chips. And she could be our next-but-one President. When, oops I mean if, McPain goes down clutching his chest about six months into his first term, we will then be left with this insult to political womanhood, hell, this insult to PERSONhood, who will not have the remotest CLUE as to what to do next. Maybe she'll just go shoot a caribou. Or play hockey.

Do McCain and his stable of subhuman clowns really think that women who are angry about Hillary being shafted will vote for this reactionary slot-faced bint with Elsa Lanchester hair and dorky glasses just because she has double X chromosomes?

Do they truly think we're THAT STUPID? Or do they just figure, hey, she's got a va-jay-jay, she'll appeal to all those other people with the, you know, va-jay-jays? Yeah, they'll vote for her just because of biology! I thought that Repuglicans were against affirmative action programs...yet here we are. Amazing.

I really hope that people who've been posting here about how they're gonna vote McCain because they can't stand Obama or they're mad about Hill really take a long, hard rethink of their position. Because this is what we will end up with.

I personally think McCain just went bonkers. Right out there in front of God and everybody. Just flipped his twigs. And I regard the nomination of Sarah Palin (wish it could have been Michael, because then he could have changed the party name to the Dead Parrot Party...) as a pure gift to the Democrats. An undeserved gift, but a gift all the same.

If Barack Obama and Joe Biden don't grab this ball and run it to a touchdown in November they don't deserve to run a hospital giftshop, let alone the Free World (as we seem to be calling it again, in these opening days of Cold War Part Deux...).


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