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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"My sister, my mother..."

Okay, now it's really getting traction, like a Sno-Cat in Alaska, as it were...

It could all be circumstantial, but: Is Sarah Palin's youngest "son", Trig, really her grandson, child of her 16-year-old daughter Bristol?

Or is it trout in the milk time?

Consider: Palin announced in February/March that she was 7 months preggers, astounding all who knew her, since she looked trim as a beanpole.

She gives a speech in Texas in April,during which she claims her water breaks. She goes on to give the speech, half an hour, THEN gets on a plane for an 12-hour flight to Alaska and a 45-minute drive to her hospital of choice (bypassing several hospitals on the way), and immediately delivers a "premature" child.

Bristol Palin was out of school for some months, allegedly suffering from mono. Hey, what a coincidence, the same months as the last four or five of her mom's "pregnancy"! (And she looked pretty darn maternal holding that kid at the photo op the other day, which I noticed before any of this stuff came out.)

Sooooo...whatcha think, punters? Either way it's horrific. Either Palin is the biggest liar in many years, and is ashamed of her slutty daughter whom she obviously didn't instruct in birth control (or successfully preach abstinence to, either), OR she jeopardized her own health and her baby's life by her actions in taking a long plane ride IN LABOR.

Once your water breaks, pretty much the only thing you want to do is get to a hospital. You do NOT want to be taking a plane ride of many thousands of miles just to get home. UNLESS...either you were never pregnant or you need to get to a hospital that's going to cover for you and your daughter.

And though you can certainly have a case of mono that goes on for a month or two (mine did, a very serious one, back in '65), these days you generally don't have one that goes on for five months, the length of time Bristol Palin was said to be out of school. And mono is a classic private school/Catholic school cover for pregnancy absence...

It just proves that McCain was so obscenely eager to steal a march on the Democrats, steal their thunder, by his announcement of Palin, that he didn't bother to have her properly vetted. Well, why would he, I mean, he met her ONCE, surely that's enough...

I want this to bite the Repugs in their collective ass so hard they can't sit down ever again. Or at least until they have to show up at the inauguration of President Obama.

Remember, this unspeakable excuse for a female said she'd force any daughter of hers to bear a rapist's child. Some compassionate mommy you got there, Bristol. (Or grandma, Trig...)

ETA: Here's another link...

And if you go to the Living Alaska blog for March 2008, you'll see some comment from the moment...


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