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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sauce for the Gander comes it that if Gustav had hit a week earlier, the evangelicals (or ev-diabolicals, as I like to think of them) would have been frothing at the mouth calling it the judgmental wrath of God falling upon the Democrats, yet now that the hurricane has messed with the Repugs' own little fiesta, we're hearing....what? The sound of silence? Yes, I do believe so!

Thing is, Gustav has helped out John McCain no end. Think about it: he was terrified about being tied to the mast of Dubya's sinking ship the Legacy, terrified about being rightly tarred with the Cheneyrove brush of complicity (he voted for 95% of Dubya's incoherent policies, AND supports the war, AND will keep us in 'cause in his demented senile brain he thinks HE can win it for the world), terrified about having Dub and Cheney appearing at HIS coronation.

And now they're not coming, because of the hurricane. Some folks have all the luck.

Except...all this stuff now coming out, bubbling up from the Alaskan tundra like the crude she wants to dig for, about Sarah Palin.

From the L.A. Times: Critics continue to question why McCain, after months of assailing Democratic nominee Barack Obama as lacking foreign policy experience, would tap a running mate who has been governor for less than two years and before that was mayor of Wasilla, population 7,000.

McCain's wife, Cindy, told an interviewer over the weekend that Alaska's proximity to Russia bolstered Palin's credentials, and Palin has pointed to her leadership of the Alaska National Guard and her Army son's imminent service in Iraq as evidence of expertise.

Oh, stop me laughing! The would-be First Bimbo McCain thinks that Alaska being near to Russia on the map makes Palin an expert on world affairs??? Stick to beauty pageants, blondie, it's all you're qualifed to discuss. I'm appalled your husband called you a cunt in public, but hey, if you can say something like that in public, I'd go even further and call you a brainless cunt.

And the commander of the Alaska National Guard HIMSELF says that Palin is by no means a leader of it and in fact has had nothing to do with the Guard. Ever. So, more lies.

And her insane Dominionist church that wants America and indeed the whole world to be ruled by conservative "Christians." If everyone went after Obama for HIS church affiliations, why are we not hearing outrage about this even more dangerous hookup?

And her bounty for shooting wolves from airplanes. I'd like to see her facing an irate pack alone in the woods, on foot, gun or not.

And her state trooper brother-in-law she tried to put the state muscle on ILLEGALLY.

And the millions of dollars in pork she went after for her tiny town, despite her further boasts of being against pork-barrel legislation.

And of course the pregnant daughter whom she obviously failed to instill with her abstinence values. Or, since young Bristol never had the benefit of actual sex education, thanks to MommyGov's enlightened public-school policies, maybe she didn't think sex COULD make you pregnant.

And the babydaddy, one Levi Johnston, whose YouTube page apparently says he doesn't want kids. Little late for that, I'd say...

And she says Iraq is a MISSION FROM GOD. Who knew she was a Blues Brother in disguise?

Go to for all kinds of new information about Palin's extremely checkered past; it's a revelation.

One that John McCain seems to have been blind to. Blinded by his vengeful, spoiled-child wish to sock it to Dubya/Cheney/Rove for not letting him have Lieberman or Ridge as his VP. Does anyone REALLY think that Palin is the best possible person to take over as President after McCain keels over or dies of skin cancer? Do even the Repubs REALLY believe that? If so, there is no hope for this land.

It's the Sauron and Saruman Ticket, my hobbitses!

Any bets on Palin withdrawing her name/being made to withdraw? I'd love to think that can still happen, but I fear not...

Oh, and if it had been Chelsea Clinton or an Obama daughter preggers out of wedlock at 17, can you just IMAGINE what the Repugs would be doing? They have no business whatsoever yelping that this is ooooh so unfair, not when the trash-talk they've indulged in has been ever so much worse. And UNTRUE.

All these things are facts, and nasty facts. I don't see any lies here except Republican ones, do you? To update the old adage, there are lies, damn lies and Republicanism...


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