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Monday, December 31, 2007

Farewell 2007, Happy 2008!

My love and thanks to all of you here, posters and watchers, for making this blog a pleasure to write and a joy to read. You da best!

And a prayer for the New Year:

May you be the friend of That which is eternal and abides.

May you quarrel never with those nearest you; but if you do,
may you be swiftly reconciled and your quarrel mended.

May you never devise evil against another;
and if any devise such against you,
may you escape unharmed and without need of harming.

May you rejoice never in the ill fortune of those who have wronged you;
the Wheel will see the wrong made right.

May you wish for the happiness and weal of all, and envy none.

May you love, seek, serve and attain only That which is good.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I want to thank everyone here, even though I still haven't figured out how to let you post comments, for giving me such a gift as your reading this blog.

I was a bit nervous at first, knowing how many hostile, hateful people are out there, and yeah, there were a few who got through on MySpace, and who were swiftly shut down (including those delusional individuals who claimed to actually BE me...and yet people say I'M delusional...).

But overwhelmingly all of you have been positive and friendly and affirming, of me and Jim both, and I just want to thank you.

And also to ask, of your great kindness, if you have ever enjoyed anything I've written, especially "Strange Days", to please post a review on Amazon to counteract all the horrible ignorant malicious lying crap I know is out there. It would mean a lot to me to know that you believe what I've written and that you prefer to learn about a Jim that nobody else knew or, indeed, shared, instead of the vested-interest party-line nonsense spouted down the years.

Again, thanks for all your support, and I will try to keep up my end of the Blogger bargain by being as topical, entertaining and utterly truthful as I know how to be.

Brightest blessings to you,


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Solstice to All!

And to all a good Light.

To those who wish me well, I wish even better in return. You guys are the best, and I'm so very grateful Jim sent you to me.

To the arrogant and pathetic toerags who don't, the Karma Mirror will do its work. I'm not "delusional" and I neither want nor need your "help." Save it for yourself and stay far, far from this place.

Again, thanks for all the lovely posts, terrific support and good wishes. You have no idea how much it means to me and to Jim.

Brightest blessings,

Patricia Morrison

Friday, December 21, 2007

Accustomed to His Grace

I'm rather seriously down at the moment, for various reasons, and was going through some old jottings and emails on my old computer to make myself feel better when I found something that set me off on this:

A few years ago, to my terror and heartache, I suddenly lost touch with Jim for a while. Now, no matter what Doorzoid idiots think, he has NOT reincarnated, because, if you must know, he's waiting for me, like Morric in the Otherland. So I knew it wasn't that.

But since for the past three decades I've been continuously living with and in his presence, being able to reach out with my astral hand and touch him, as it were, I was scared to, well, death that I'd lost him. There had been a major psychic attack back in the mid-90's when I was forcibly put out of touch---people wanting to get at him who knew they'd have to put me out of action first (they got smacked so hard their ears are probably still ringing)---and I feared this again, though it didn't feel the same at all and so I figured it wasn't a repeat. (Oh, and don't go getting any ideas, folk of ill intent! I crushed them like a bug, with the help of warrior friends, and I can do it again, even more crushingly, now.)

So I went running for help to my dear friend Phyllis Curott, who's one of the most powerful and wise Witches around, and after checking it out, she had some very interesting things to tell me.

We all have a daimon (kind of like in "The Golden Compass", only we have human ones) of the opposite gender: that whole yin-yang trip. It's us, but it's also other. And our daimon can take different shapes at different times: according to Phyllis, Jim of course was both my mate and my daimon, and still is, and always will be, and that was fine and correct. She said that women who live between the worlds, as Witches do, are looking for/being with the daimon, the spirit-mate that is part of them and also part of the mate they choose in the world. Shamans and shamanesses know all about it, and Phyllis writes about it in her third book.

At that time I had been heavily into the original shaping of two male protagonists: Turk Wayland, superstar guitar hero, in the Rennie books, and Guthrum the Dane (Viking ruler in England, circa late 9th century), for my Viking novel "Son of the Northern Star". Very appealing, very attractive characters, both tall, handsome blonds.

And Jim was jealous, apparently thinking I was falling in love with them. Which, of course, I was, since I fall in love with ALL my characters, regardless of gender. I can't help it: it's how I write.

The thing is, Jim, or at least his daimon form, was both those guys. Turk and Guthrum aren't Jim, not even close, but in a strange kind of way Jim is them. I was working off that daimon in different aspects, but it was still the same.

Because the daimon can shift his shape, mine was moving around, as I needed him to, and I was finding him in different forms: which is what I was supposed to do. Jim, being the alpha and omega, the dominant form, the one I chose in life and death, was jealous, but I was really just finding aspects of him in characters, vehicles of my own creation but somehow animated, on this level anyway, by him.

I think I've blogged about this before, but it got especially complicated when Turk started writing you can imagine. Jim and I had written a couple of songs together, back in the day, but I'd never really felt I could, or even wanted to, write my own. I'm not much of a musician, though I like to think of myself as quite musical, and I can't sing terrifically well: songwriting had never seemed like anything I'd find myself doing.

But then Turk started pushing for lines of songs in the concert scenes in the Rennie books. So, always happy to oblige one of my characters, I supplied a few. And then he started pushing for complete songs. And man, did he know how to push: I couldn't write anything else until I wrote a few songs.

And now I have about FIFTY, forty of which are complete (with melodies even, albeit only in my head; but I can sing them well enough for a pro to make something of, and perhaps one day someone will). So...since it wasn't really me...was it Turk or was it Jim? The songs are NOTHING like Doors songs...and COMPLETELY like Lionheart who knows? They come from a very different place than the books do. And does it matter?

I say it was the daimon, in collaboration with me, and that is the honest truth. I was lucky enough and blessed enough to have found my daimon in life, in this world, where many never find him at all...

Once all that got sorted out, Jim was back, immediately, strong and present and loving as ever; the room was full of him again. But the whole episode did make me wonder where writers go to get their characters.

I, for one, don't sit down and make a little list: "Ohhkay, I need a strong female protagonist, and a male protagonist to match and balance her, and a bad pair to go against them both but they can't be ALL bad, and some strong/weak supporting characters, and someone with whom the readers can identify..." That may be the format as it manifests, but at start-up it doesn't work like that. It's much more ORGANIC than that.

The best I can say is that I find them. Or they find me. They seem to come from nowhere, but I know that's soooo not true. They come from somewhere very definite indeed. And they never fail to come as and when needed (touch wood). It's as if the story knows what it requires better than I do, which I'm quite sure it does, and if I trust in that enough, it'll give me what I need to make it happen.

I don't generally think about this kind of thing often, because I'm afraid I'll get too conscious of the process, if process it is, and not be able to DO it as easily. So I'm just grateful that the characters consent to come at all.

And Jim, honey, you have absolutely nothing to be jealous about. It's all you. Besides, I don't really go for blonds.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

There and Back Again! And Again!

Peter Jackson to Produce `The Hobbit'

NEW YORK (AP) -- Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have reached agreement to make J.R.R. Tolkien's ''The Hobbit,'' a planned prequel to the blockbuster trilogy ''The Lord of the Rings.''

Jackson, who directed the ''Rings'' trilogy, will serve as executive producer for ''The Hobbit.'' A director for the prequel films has yet to be named.

Relations between Jackson and New Line had soured after ''Rings,'' despite a collective worldwide box office gross of nearly $3 billion -- an enormous success. The two sides nevertheless were able to reconcile, with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) splitting ''The Hobbit'' 50/50, spokemen for both studios said Tuesday.

''I'm very pleased that we've been able to put our differences behind us, so that we may begin a new chapter with our old friends at New Line,'' Jackson said in a statement. ''We are delighted to continue our journey through Middle Earth.''

Two ''Hobbit'' films are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, similar to how the three ''Lord of the Rings'' films were made. Production is set to begin in 2009 with a released planned for 2010, with the sequel scheduled for a 2011 release.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

En-"Compassed": True North

I went to see "The Golden Compass" last week, and funnily enough, its main premise plays right into what we've been talking about for the last few posts.

BIG OLD HONKIN' SPOILERS from here on in, both movie and book, so be warned.

Namely, how to fight back against and destroy a monolithic, overbearing, cynically power-craving, grind-you-down-underfoot-so-hard-you-will-never-stand-on-your-own-two-feet-again Church.

Only, of course, in the movie they don't CALL it "the Church", as Philip Pullman does in his unsettling series (of which "Compass" is the first book; called "Northern Lights" in the UK original).
They call it the Magisterium, which is a wonderful name in and of itself, and all its nasty cogs, big and small, are dressed rather handsomely in Medici-prince-of-the-Church garb (Derek Jacobi chiefest among them, and how nasty he is, every inch a Borgia pope).
(In the book, Pullman tells us that the Church has abolished the papacy completely, the last supreme pontiff having been Pope John Calvin, which really made me laugh.)

So we have two extremely interesting things going on here: the onscreen/onpage knockdown slapfest against the evils of the Church (I'm for it!); and the offscreen newspaper/magazine-page gobbling outrage against Pullman's "atheism" and attack on the Church (I am so there for it!).

For starters, Pullman, who may or may not be an atheist (I've read both), is indeed down on the Church, and good on him. BUT he's down on a misleading, arrogant, lying, power-tripping power structure, and the evils it does, not so much on the dogma side (I get the feeling he doesn't give a rat's).

Except that he breathtakingly casts God, or some Deity not entirely like God, as the unspeakably weary cat's-paw of this insane Church, and, in the last book, "The Amber Spyglass", he has God liberated, or killed, sort of, and his Goebbels equivalent, the so-called angel prince Metatron, cast down like Lucifer, in a bang-up scene straight out of Milton.

So, naturally, the organized-religion jackals have been baying for Pullman's head, or, failing that, a Catholic boycott of the film. Completely missing the point, out of malice or willful ignorance or honest inability to get the point, that Pullman is condemning the blatant and right-out-there-for-all-to-see power trips of organized religion and the way the Church pulls the wool right over the sheep's eyes. No one who follows Christ in any real way would have any difficulty with any of this: wasn't their guy the one who whipped the moneychangers out of the Temple and had no truck with Pharisees? Yes, I believe I'm right about that.

Anyway, the concept's freakin' brilliant. I'm not wildly in love with the books, they're just a bit off from my booklove center for that, but they're exceedingly well done and I shall certainly reread them often, with pleasure.

The movie...well, only one so far, who knows how the other two will shape up? And I really wonder how the filmmakers will be able to skirt round the goings-on in "Spyglass," which are pretty deicentric no matter how you slice it.

But strictly as a movie? Loved it. There are giant talking armored Viking polar bears (the chief of whom is voiced by Sir Ian McKellen! It's like Gandalf meets Beorn!), and every human has an externalized animal soul of the opposite gender called a daemon (oooh, what would mine be? I think a huge, deep-coated, autumn-brindled, silver-ruffed, amber-eyed wolf, like the Aoibhell fetch. Though the snow leopard of the dashing Lord Asriel...Azrael, Angel of Death, maybe?? gorgeous, and I wouldn't mind one myself), and magic is all over the place, with gyptians (waterborne Rom, sort of) and gorgeous Northern witches like valkyries or beautiful banshees, armed with bows, and all sorts of other cool stuff/people.

Beautifully photographed, well cast, it rips off the usual suspects (Northern stuff, LOTR and Narnia; talking animals, Narnia...on and on). But, like all the best fantasies, it's active syncretism, not just dull cheap thievery.
Pagans should be very happy with this, especially Asatruar and other Northern pathfollowers. There's a lot of stuff for us, and there's also a lot of stuff, however movie-sublimated, for those who like to see organized religion's power structure pillars taken out as if by Samson. Sure, it's all much more detailed and complex in the books, but as we all know by now, can't always get every single thing up on the screen. It may be a little lightened-up but fun for all even so.

I wish the new Beowulf movie and that Sparta one had been done like this. I can't STAND that fake, videogamey, cartoony style with just-recognizable actor features...creeps me out but good. Since you're hiring the expensive acting talent ANYway, why not just use them as they are and not trick them out as caricatures? And then spend the extra money on some nice CGI. I'd have gone to see both of these if they'd been live-action and not glitzy crap.

But I'd recommend "The Golden Compass" pretty unreservedly. Good, good stuff.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

In God They're Sussed

I'm increasingly fearful and disgusted by the turn the seemingly endless US Presidential campaign is taking to religion. It looks to me as if the religious right has won, by succeeding in making religion, or the perceived lack thereof, a litmus test for office.

There was one Jesus freak at a recent debate who stood up, displayed a Bible like a war wound and demanded to know if the candidates onstage believed every single word of it.

Naturally, they all weaseled out of answering. But whywhywhy has this been allowed to get this far?

Once more, for those who still don't get it: THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION. No matter how much the religious right Christ cult wants it to be. This country was founded by Deists and other "undesirables" who fled (or were kicked out of) their European homelands because they were religiously persecuted, and rightly vowed "Never again!"

Besides, nobody can agree on "Christian" values anyway. They can't even agree on the true nature of Jesus. Look in the New Testament: you'll find Jesus being bratty to his mom ("Woman, what have I to do with thee?" She should have smacked him...) and telling his disciples to abandon their families in favor of going on the road with him. Not exactly a nice Jewish boy.

And then later, along comes Paul with his misogynistic message for women to keep their mouths shut in church and be doormats for their husbands in the home.
Huh. I fondly recall the kerfuffle some years ago when the leader of the Episcopal Church, up at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, put forth the proposition that Paul was a closet gay, and thus a charter member of the Judeo-Christian He-Man Woman-haters Club, Palestine branch.

Islam is by no means the only religion that legislates against what "reformer" John Knox, that Scottish loony tune, called "the monstrous regiment of women." It's just the one that's the meanest and nastiest about it.

If you're looking for a female-friendly faith, may I suggest (not proselytize!) the pre-Christian tribal Paganism of Western Europe, in all its various local flavors: Celtic, Norse and Teutonic especially...

In all these Northern systems, women enjoyed all human and civil rights, were honored by law and practice, could be the dominant legal partner in marriage, could divorce and remarry with no issues, and could take the kids and their own property with them.

It wasn't until the Christ cult got their foot in the door in Europe and wiped out the Pagans (the great Joseph Campbell, born and raised Catholic, bitterly complains, "What was the matter with Christians? Why couldn't they live at peace with other religions?") that these utterly civilized and humane systems were swept out of existence.

If Christ-culters have problems with, say, homosexuality, abortion and the rest of their ragbag of "sins", here's a thought: Don't do it. Don't be gay. Don't have abortions. And shut up about casting those who do in the role of sinners. Who the hell are you to say what the sins of others might be? What was that advice I seem to recall about ignoring the beam in one's own eye? Right, then.

How does allowing gays to marry legally hurt you or your families? I'd say it improves family values. How does allowing civil rights for everybody diminish yours? And why should any nation's legal system codify its laws according to a two- to five-thousand-year-old interpretation of "sin" anyway?

If Christians think they're being bashed, maybe they should turn a humble and seeing eye to their own practices. That's what's making others bash them. They've made no bones, many of them, about their desire to theocratize this country: would Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln have passed their Bible litmus test? I think not.

Far too many Christians are that in name only. By their fruits ye shall know them? Yeah, I guess so. Dead Sea fruit, by all appearances. Hostile, hateful, unloving, unforgiving, intolerant. And then they whine and piss and moan when people take them to task for such attitudes.

I don't think their god would like it much if he came back (and no, not to Missouri, Gov. Mitt Romney notwithstanding) and saw what they'd gotten up to in his name...but I'm not looking to see that anytime soon.

So I for one would like to see religion excised from the current campaign, with the nice sharp scalpel of secularism and the law. And if the candidates don't put a sock in it forthwith and posthaste, don't vote for 'em. Write in Thomas Jefferson, or Odin, or Bono, or anyone you like. Just don't encourage them any more than they've been already.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Got Dem Bad Ol' Ankh-Morpork Blues...

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's

The best-selling fantasy author Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with a rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

In a brief note to fans, Pratchett, 59, said he was taking the news "fairly philosophically".

"I am not dead," Pratchett insisted. "I will, of course, be dead at some future point, as will everybody else."

Writing on the website of Paul Kidby, who has illustrated many of his books, he continued: "I would have liked to keep this one quiet for a little while, but because of upcoming conventions and the need to keep my publishers informed, it seems unfair to withhold the news."

Pratchett is best known for his Discworld series, which explores the residents of a very flat, very weird and almost invariably hilarious planet dominated by the sprawling, chaotic city of Ankh-Morpork. To date, he has sold more than 55 million books and seen his series translated into 27 languages.

In October, doctors told the author he had suffered a mini-stroke two or three years ago. He had medical tests after having problems with his dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.

After a series of scans, he was diagnosed with a very rare form of early-onset Alzheimer's as a result of the stroke.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, and people in the early stages may experience lapses of memory and have problems finding the right words. As the disease progresses, they become confused and forget names, appointments and recent events.

He said: "I know it's a very human thing to say, 'Is there anything I can do?' but in this case I would only entertain offers from very high-end experts in brain chemistry."

He said he was continuing to work on the completion of his next book, Nation.

I am devastated to hear this. Terry is a client of the same literary agency as I am, and was a Penguin/NAL author when I was, which was how I became aware of him, through our mutual editor Christopher Schelling (now our mutual agent), and of course I absolutely adore him and his work.

It is SO bloody unfair. And so horrible...for a writer to lose his words, and to realize he's losing them...I can't even imagine, and I wouldn't wish such a fate even on Oliver Stone.

I spoke to Christopher about it, and he said that Terry is remarkably cheerful about it, all things considered, and has finished one book and is forging ahead on another. I hate even to consider that there might soon be a world without Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg and Magrat.

But, as Granny says, "I aten't dead yet." And I hope and pray that Terry will be saying that for a good many years to come, in complete health. And with new and equally wonderful books.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

When He's 64...

Happy birthday to my Jim...

They said you were a loser
Not while I still fight

They said you weren't worth it
Not while I still honor

They said you were unwanted
Not while I still yearn

They said that you were silenced
Not while I still speak

They said that you were hated
Not while I still love

They said that you were dead
Not while I still live

—me, for him

In a cold chamber
in a cold stone house
in a cold city
on a winter afternoon
A young Empress
is seated in a high-back'd chair
w/roses in her lap

—him, for me

Friday, December 07, 2007

Surf Way Up, Surfers Way Out

Longtime readers here may perhaps recall my infatuation with watching and reading about big-wave surfing...these guys may be out of their trees but you can't deny the balls...

WAILUKU, Maui — "It was the worst lickings I've ever had," said extreme waterman Brett Lickle, describing his wipeout Monday in a wave with an estimated 80-foot face.

Lickle, 47, suffered a severe gash on his left leg during an afternoon session at Outer Sprecks with famed big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, who stripped naked to fashion his surf trunks into a tourniquet to prevent his tow-in partner from bleeding to death.

"It was the most intense thing I've been through," said Lickle, recuperating yesterday at his Ha'iku home.

Lickle made his name for being the first person along with Dave Kalama to windsurf at the notorious Jaws surfbreak at Peahi, Maui. He also is a member of the original Strap Team that pioneered tow-in surfing, experimenting with foot straps on surfboards. More recently, he invented the SurfBall balance trainer.

Lickle and other big-wave experts said Monday's storm surf created historic swells that rolled in close together, making it more dangerous for personal watercraft operators to swoop in and pick up their surfing partners before the next breaking wave.

"Those were the biggest waves that any of us have seen," said Buzzy Kerbox, another member of Maui's big-wave surfing community.

The storm surf roared in from the northeast in just the right direction to cause the swells to hit the outer reef off Spreckelsville and generate a steep peak, Kerbox said, much like the Teahupoo, also known as Chopo, break in Tahiti.

Lickle said Outer Sprecks is a "secret spot" that "most people don't want anything to do with."

"If ever you're going to find a 100-footer, it's there," he said.

The surf was "pretty monstrous" when Lickle and Hamilton returned to the outer reef in the afternoon after a morning tow-in session. Only one other tow-in team braved the giant waves with them.

Lickle said he was on a Honda AquaTrax three-seat watercraft while Hamilton grasped a tow rope before kicking out of a wave. Lickle turned back and picked up the surfer, but they were unable to outrun the looming 80-foot wall of water.

"I'm in big trouble," Lickle said he told himself before the wave crashed down.

The entire length of his left calf was sliced open by the high-performance aluminum fin on a spare board stowed on the sled trailing the AquaTrax. After surfacing, Lickle reunited with Hamilton, who provided makeshift first aid with his shorts. Lickle said that at that point, they were about three-quarters of a mile from shore.

Hamilton "swam like a bat out of hell" for a half-mile to retrieve the AquaTrax and return to his injured partner, he said. By then, Lickle had been pushed into calmer waters and was no longer in danger of getting slammed by big waves. But with the bleeding from his wound, he said he became worried about "the big guys" — tiger sharks known to prowl Maui's coastlines.

The two had a radio on board and were able to call for help. An ambulance was waiting when they came ashore at Baldwin Beach Park in Pa'ia.

More than 50 staples were needed to close the gash on Lickle. As soon as his leg recovers, he said he plans to hit the waves: "That's right."

Although he observed the Outer Sprecks break from shore, Kerbox decided to head to Maui's northwest coast to test the tow-in surf outside Honolua Bay. At about 3:30 p.m., the size of the swells doubled to 40-foot faces, he said.

"It was normal, nice tow-in surfing, but once it got bigger, it just jumped a whole notch," he said. "It was breaking in places we've never seen it break. It went from fun and easy to pretty challenging."

First, swimming half a mile of open ocean to retrieve a jet ski and then driving back to rescue the guy who was rescuing you and then using your trunks to tie an effective tourniquet and save his life? In EIGHTY-FOOT WAVES? I'm still trying to get my head around that.

Second, naked.

Third, fifty staples in your leg and you're going out again as soon as you can?

These indeed are men of iron. Or boneheads. I don't understand, but I do admire. "Pretty challenging", well, I daresay. I do daresay.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow Is Snowing, Wind Is Blowing...

Finally feels like winter! Temps are going to the low 20's in town tonight, teens in the 'burbs. We had some nice tiny dry snow in showers today, so I went out for a long walk. Lovely.

Came back to a warm cozy apartment and decided to cool down from dealing with crazy people (see previous post) by just spoiling myself rotten.

I went out to dinner with a friend last night, and ate lobster rolls and fried oysters and pretty good french fries, so decided to continue the seafood motif with shrimp rolls, much the same as the lobster ones only with big giant shrimp (an oxymoron?), cold, chunked in mayonnaise (no celery, though some like it) and stuffed into a warm, crisply toasted hot dog bun. Dee-lish.

Followed by chocolate as anti-dementor defense: hot choc to drink, Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate, and raspberry buttercreams from Li-Lac.

Then, since the heat goes way down at 11pm and the place was getting chilly, I and the laptop are now in bed under a ton of blankies, and affagans my grandma made me, and a now rather tattered sheepskin bedspread. And a nice unread mystery by PD James, "The Lighthouse". All good. And the laptop is a great little heat source.

B ut the best part is going to sleep under Jim's shearling coat: a handsome dappled cocoa-colored one with dark-brown fur that he bought here and left here. I gave it to Turk in I think the fourth Rennie book; Turk likes a lot of Jim's stuff...

I wear it sometimes, when I don't want to wear furs because it's raining or snowing, and sometimes I sleep under it when it's really cold, or when I just want to feel safe and comforted...weighs a ton. I pull it over me and put one arm through a sleeve. It makes me feel as if his arms are around me, and who's to say they're not.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh Jim! You Always Do Something to Spoil Your Birthday...

Just to share a bit with you...this is the kind of utter crapulosity I have to put up with, on a pretty regular basis.

Usually lunatics of this sort claim they're "Jim", reincarnated. Or that they have the soul that would have belonged to our child. But sometimes I get this.

Hey! Morons! I'm not only Jim's wife but a WITCH. I'm a PRO. Fully able of contacting my husband myself. And, in fact, we are in constant touch, in all ways. Ways you couldn't BEGIN to imagine. Ways that are none of your goddamn business.

So don't you think that if Jim had something he wanted to get out there, he'd tell me first? Me being his, you know, wife and all?
And don't you also think he'd have talked to actual literate people?

Yes. I think he would.

What he DID tell me is that he doesn't know these wackos and hasn't talked to them. So whoever they think they're contacting, it ain't him, babe... There are jokers on the other side just as there are here. And anybody can SAY they're Jim Morrison...witness all the Jims who post their (lack of) brains out on MySpace.
[PKM rolls her eyes so hard she can see her own spine]

Oh, and if you're so "physic", crazy people, how come you have to ASK if it's really me? Wouldn't you, like, KNOW??

For entertainment purposes only:

I've been guided to contact you . . .

I know this may sound crazy . .and I hope that this is Patricia Kennealy-Morrison . . .but, I have been trying to get in contact with you for awhile now. About a month ago (after searching forever) I bought your book Strange Days and soaked it up!!! For some reason i have always had a huge fasination with Jim Morrison. After reading your book, something or somebody told me I needed to contact you (why i had no idea). I now understand. A friend of mine is a physic medium and has been in contact with Jim for awhile now. She is in the process of writing a book about him. She is going to be saying many different things about puzzles that were left unsolved. As a Jim fan . .i personally think it is going to clear up alot of unsolved questions. I just got through reading a part of the manuscript yesterday. My friend wanted me to read it because she's knows that I will tear the whole thing apart to make sure that everything is accurate and true. . .and knowing about Jim and the way that you want (and have always) wanted him portrayed . . I think you will love this book and the author. I feel like my spirit guides (and Jim) are using me to find you . .so that you may have a help in this. I also think that Jim has things we wants to tell you and for you to help him with. Please . . I don't want to post anymore because I don't want the entire world to know about this. But, if you could please contact me . . I think this is a chance to finally tell the truth about Jim. Please, I would love to stay in contact with you and talk more about this. I have so much stuff to tell you!!!!!

Yes. I'll just bet you do. But, fortunately, I am under no obligation to listen.