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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Samhain!

To my Celtic (and Keltic!) friends, a happy and holy Samhain. May this new year bring us all the desires of our hearts, and thank you for being my friends in this place.

Friday, October 09, 2009

For Whom Nobel Tolls

I am absolutely crippled with laughter at the sight of assorted slot-mouthed lipless right-wing nutjobs foaming like rabid lemurs at the fact of President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Oooooh, the grapes are so very very sour today! Because never in the entire span of a million trillion billion universes would their little Shrub have gotten one of his very own.

Indeed, even his daddy couldn't buy him one. Oh my paws and whiskers, the utter stinging squealing chagrin of it all! Just open wide and take it, Bushbaby and's good for you! And delicious for the rest of us to watch and be entertained by.

Can't you just see those little rosebud lips of his pucker up like an anus being approached by, say, a red-hot poker, like King Edward II? Yes, you can! And I bet it hurts even more! He's having a hissy fit all over Crawford, Texas! I can feel the tremors from here as he stamps his tiny feet! Oh, the horror! Oh, the spite! And he's passing all this on like a case of the cosmic crabs to Rush and all the other little Repugsluts.

Not that they needed his inspiration to begin with, doing quite enough of that sort of thing on their own. Let 'em tear their hair plugs out! I'm sitting here with my feet up eating bon-bons and watching with delight and righteous glee.

But I'm not really surprised. These, yea verily, are the very same people who only LAST week were dancing up and down, pogo'ing in delight to see America "lose" the Olympics and putting the blame on Bam. HUH??? They're GLAD when things don't go their own country's way? And that's patriotic HOW?

Well then, they should be freakin' ECSTATIC about the wars (Bush), the economy (Bush), unemployment and job loss (BUSHBUSHBUSHBUSHBUSH). But no. Somehow, through magical Republican-white-male-Christian-rightwing "thinking", all that gets displaced to Obama...amazing how these toads can contort themselves into such positions.

And yet they're the ones who go on and on about "Bush derangement": "Oh you just say those bad things 'cause you don't like him for no reason", as Rachel Maddow points out in an excellent piece now on YouTube. What about Obama derangement, you repellent worms?
But they'll never see the beam in their own eye, just the mote in their neighbor's...that's from the Bible, so it MUST be true.

Oh, and they're the same people who aren't gonna let their kids get vaccinated against swine flu and actually TAKE THEIR KIDS TO SWINE FLU PARTIES so they can catch it and be "naturally immunized." Yeah, sure, Einstein, if your kids don't DIE OF IT.

Pity the parents can't die instead, but then they've already bred and reproduced, so perhaps this is the only way to chlorinate the gene pool. But children, even those of proven moron dirtbags, dead of swine flu is something I'm not eager to see, though...and I won't be gloating when it happens.

And, and, and they're the ones who bravely assert that they're not going to cooperate with the census! Wow, what a bold stand! So...that means they won't be officially counted as American citizens (which I, personally, don't think they are anyway), which means they won't be added into the representational mix, which means they'll have fewer people in Congress...oh, right, okay, yeah, I can live with that. Carry on.

So there's a Nobel laureate in the White House tonight, and that makes me glad. Okay, maybe it IS a bit premature, but so what? So was Desmond Tutu's: apartheid didn't fall for TEN YEARS after he got his NPP for trying to get rid of it. And lots of other people who got the Prize are in the same situation. So that dog won't hunt.

I consider this a big, giant-sized "FUCK YOU GEORGE W. BUSH, FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS!" wafted our way by the civilized side of the world. It could only be better if it came covered with chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries...

As for the turning-blue, breath-holding, foot-stomping hordes, if we can't watch them explode like shattered croissants, can we just beam them off to a nice distant planet somewhere? Failing the Rapture they're all so breathlessly anticipating, of course...