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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Burqa's Sneerage

I see where France wants to pass a law banning the burqa, and all the usual suspects are having fits about it. Including me.

Now, it might seem racist or sexist or religionist or whatever to try to legislate against “traditional” ethnic clothing, but don’t let the bleeding-heart libertarians fool you. This is about WAY more than a walking tent. It’s really about whether the West is going to be allowed to stay Western. Because, make no mistake, we’re under siege.

The burqa is merely emblematic of a raft of utterly unacceptable practices used in Islam purely and simply for male thugs to control women. Charming things like genital mutilation, “honor” killings, religiously approved polygamy and other such prehistoric attitudes clutched to male Islamic bosoms as a means to allow them to refuse being assimilated into the Western country under discussion: France, the U.K, the Netherlands, Denmark, the U.S., Scandinavia…

The burqa is NOT traditional except within a very small sphere of fundie reactionaries and in the utter civil-liberties hell that is Saudi Arabia. It’s purely political and totally unreasonable: the Koran does NOT demand it, imams have spoken out against it—gosh, they’ll probably be put under fatwa for it! Since that’s the way Islamics tend to do things—and the West has every right in the world to not put up with it.

I notice that women in Islamic countries are not allowed to do all sorts of things, like drive, and work, and be educated, and divorce their husbands, and, yes, go out in public without wearing a black shroud. So Islamics really have no business whatsoever complaining when they’re forced to abide by OUR rules, in OUR countries. They make the rules where they live, and expect outsiders and immigrants and even tourists to comply; so how dare they bitch and moan when forced to comply with the rules in ours? Turnabout is fair play.

But not, it seems, for them. Doesn’t work that way for them, oh nonononono! They issue death decrees against political cartoonists and try to kill them. They HAVE killed filmmakers who “offend” them. Resident U.K. Islamics are trying to get a separate system of justice set up just for them, superseding the fantastic British common law that has endured since Magna Carta and imposing Shari’a. Not on!

And you know, if this sounds racist, I don’t fucking care. Because it isn’t. It’s fair commentary on horrible and immoral practices. Yet that’s the card they all play, the racism one, whenever anyone dares to utter a syllable of criticism of their precious primitive ways. So, primitive AND thin-skinned… Can’t take it? Too bad! Grow up and join the rest of us.

If Islamics living in France insist on the burqa, then I think the French government should fine those who impose it on women. Severely. Or deny them citizenship. Or deport them. There’s apparently no way to make things better for those women, and the males (they’re not men…) will probably just make it worse for the ones under their domination. Countries suffering under the Islamic onslaught might also do well to reconsider letting any more of them in, too; but that’s a whole other rant, as is the rant against homegrown nonsense along these very lines preached and practiced by rabid young converts who attend terrorist mosques.

If ignorant immigrant Islamics insist on bringing their 1st-century goatherder attitudes with them when they move for economic reasons into 21st-century Western societies, they need to be firmly shown (a) the error of their ways, and (b) the border, on their way back home to the medieval satrapies they fled. They’re only here because they can make more money and live more comfortably than they can at home without ever having to participate in our national lives.

Listen, when you come to the West to live, you live by OUR laws and OUR ways. Not yours. As many immigrants of many cultures do. If you can’t manage that, or don’t want to, stay in the desert, or go back to it.

What REALLY gets up my nose is that Islamics pass off all this as "religion." It's not. It's primitive, sexist, racist cultural practices, and it has GOT to change. Before it destroys everybody. Oh, wait, isn't that what they want, and what their "holy" book tells them they must do?

Well, Christians and Jews got past being told in THEIR book to stone to death people who wear cloth of two different threads or plant two different crops next to each other and to sell their own children into slavery.
I'm sure that a race of people who invented higher mathematics and had public street lighting and public gardens in Spain when the rest of Europe was living in filth and ignorance can certainly manage to take the parts that have real spirit and relevance, and leave behind the rest.

If they want to.

Islam badly needs and requires a Martin Luther, or even a Dr. Martin Luther King...

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day to Remember...

This afternoon 41 years ago (41! How did THAT happen?) Jim and I met for the first time. I was in his hotel suite at the Plaza to do an interview, the only one he did that day.

And because no woman ever forgets the first moment she met the love of her life, I was wearing a dark-velour tunic, brown leather pants and sand-colored suede boots, with tigereye scarab earrings and a long gold chain; he had on his concert clothes from the Madison Square Garden show the night before---a rough unbleached white cotton peasant shirt, black jeans and black Frye boots.

What a day...and after.

Monday, January 18, 2010


"We are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." Thank you, Dr. King...