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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh Jim! You Always Do Something to Spoil Your Birthday...

Just to share a bit with you...this is the kind of utter crapulosity I have to put up with, on a pretty regular basis.

Usually lunatics of this sort claim they're "Jim", reincarnated. Or that they have the soul that would have belonged to our child. But sometimes I get this.

Hey! Morons! I'm not only Jim's wife but a WITCH. I'm a PRO. Fully able of contacting my husband myself. And, in fact, we are in constant touch, in all ways. Ways you couldn't BEGIN to imagine. Ways that are none of your goddamn business.

So don't you think that if Jim had something he wanted to get out there, he'd tell me first? Me being his, you know, wife and all?
And don't you also think he'd have talked to actual literate people?

Yes. I think he would.

What he DID tell me is that he doesn't know these wackos and hasn't talked to them. So whoever they think they're contacting, it ain't him, babe... There are jokers on the other side just as there are here. And anybody can SAY they're Jim Morrison...witness all the Jims who post their (lack of) brains out on MySpace.
[PKM rolls her eyes so hard she can see her own spine]

Oh, and if you're so "physic", crazy people, how come you have to ASK if it's really me? Wouldn't you, like, KNOW??

For entertainment purposes only:

I've been guided to contact you . . .

I know this may sound crazy . .and I hope that this is Patricia Kennealy-Morrison . . .but, I have been trying to get in contact with you for awhile now. About a month ago (after searching forever) I bought your book Strange Days and soaked it up!!! For some reason i have always had a huge fasination with Jim Morrison. After reading your book, something or somebody told me I needed to contact you (why i had no idea). I now understand. A friend of mine is a physic medium and has been in contact with Jim for awhile now. She is in the process of writing a book about him. She is going to be saying many different things about puzzles that were left unsolved. As a Jim fan . .i personally think it is going to clear up alot of unsolved questions. I just got through reading a part of the manuscript yesterday. My friend wanted me to read it because she's knows that I will tear the whole thing apart to make sure that everything is accurate and true. . .and knowing about Jim and the way that you want (and have always) wanted him portrayed . . I think you will love this book and the author. I feel like my spirit guides (and Jim) are using me to find you . .so that you may have a help in this. I also think that Jim has things we wants to tell you and for you to help him with. Please . . I don't want to post anymore because I don't want the entire world to know about this. But, if you could please contact me . . I think this is a chance to finally tell the truth about Jim. Please, I would love to stay in contact with you and talk more about this. I have so much stuff to tell you!!!!!

Yes. I'll just bet you do. But, fortunately, I am under no obligation to listen.


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