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I was, wait, sorry, that's "David Copperfield". Anyway, I was born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island, went to school in upstate NY and came straight back to Manhattan to live. Never lived anywhere else. Never wanted to. Got a job as a rock journalist, in the course of which I met and married a rock star (yeah, yeah, conflict of interest, who cares). Became a priestess in a Celtic Pagan tradition, and (based on sheer longevity) one of the most senior Witches around. Began writing my Keltiad series. Wrote a memoir of my time with my beloved consort (Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison). See Favorite Books below for a big announcement...The Rennie Stride Mysteries. "There is no trick or cunning, no art or recipe, by which you can have in your writing that which you do not possess in yourself." ---Walt Whitman (Also @ and

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I Say, It's My Birthday!

Kind of crept up on me this year...nothing special planned. A quiet day as usual, with filet mignon for dinner and chocolate pound cake w/vanilla ice cream and one candle. And of course a rummage on eBay for a smallish present to myself, nothing extravagant---perhaps a pretty teapot, as I've been getting into cuppa territory recently.

I don't really have anything profound to say on turning 66. It certainly doesn't feel ancient or anything; though a few joints have gotten a little creakier, all else is much the same. The plans for last year (TV series) fell through, sadly and disappointingly, but this year I'm going to try to knock out two books to make up for it. Apart from that, no real resolutions except the usual: go to the gym and work out more, get out more with friends, GET some more local friends, tidy up my bomb site of an that.

But those are all good things to plan, and not so extravagant as to be impossible of achievement. On the whole, and with a few exceptions, I'm well pleased with how my life has turned out. And that's nice to be able to say. At least I think it is...