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Friday, May 25, 2007

Rolling Over

MDF Sukipot has ID'd the Beethoven piece that I was being tormented by which Elvis Costello is grooving to in that Lexus commercial: 2nd movement of Beethoven 9.

THANKYOU!!!!! I knew it was a symphony (well, was 99% sure as opposed to overture, etc.), certainly knew it was Beethoven and not just because our Declan said so...just couldn't place it.

Oh, you know, I saw Elvis for the very first time when he busked for us CBS officers at the summer 1977 CBS Records in London. We were coming out of a huge new-product presentation at the Inn on the Park that MDF Janice Scott and I had put together, for all attendees, very big deal, and there in the vast modernistic lobby was this skinny guy with black-rimmed glasses, a guitar and a small amp, playing his heart out. The real music freaks, we all stopped to listen; the suits, not so much.

And that's how it all began, my dears, and that's how it all began. [/Kipling]


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