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Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Lost" Is Found!

Just finished watching and re-watching the season finale of "Lost". Sweet flying angels in the fiery heavens above! What. A. Trip. I don't know what it means or promises, but man, it was EXCELLENT. Almost made up for all the craptastic suckfests that were the bulk of this season.

You non-Losties won't understand when I say Mother and Child Reunion? Most satisfying. "Will you help me tie him up now?" as if they were making chocolate chip cookies. So sweet. And the casual Rousseau elbow to the Ben face. Better and better. Sayid and his legs of neck-snapping steel! Hurley, Man with a Van! That better not be SawyerMySawyer in the coffin. I'm thinking Locke. Or Ben. Poor Charlie! RIP, little hobbit! Sail into the West!

Had a nice lunch with MDF Andrew, who is doing the art for the jackets of the rock mysteries. He showed me preliminary concepts for "Ungrateful Dead" and I just flipped out, it is so tremendous. Still in early stages but it is PERFECTION. He so rocks...

I have my ticket for Pirates 3! 8pm Thursday...I guess they couldn't get enough screens and wanted to start the hopefully record-breaking opening day rolling early, to catch Spiderman. Whatevuh. It just means I don't have to go to a midnight show and get out at three in the morning BECAUSE IT'S TWO HOURS FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LONG! Can't wait.


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