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Friday, May 18, 2007

Going Postal

On my mirror site,, I have decided to start allowing posts from vetted and approved and friended persons. Not here yet because there's not a Friends page per se where I can check on people, or at least I haven't found one so far.

So if you would care to eventually get on the list, mosey on over to lj and friend me, and the odds are good that after a trust period of undetermined though not unreasonable length, and if you're not a Doorzoid or a Pamhead or a complete and utter eejit, you may well make the cut.

But. If you sail under false colors, pretending to be a friend/Kelts fan/Jim-and-Patricia supporter when you're really a snaky piece of mendacious scum, know that your lying ass will be found out and treated to a rolling broadside and sunk all in the salt sea. Not to mention the boatload of bad karma that will be coming your way.

Gentles of honor and probity are herewith invited over. And we'll just see how it goes.


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