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I was, wait, sorry, that's "David Copperfield". Anyway, I was born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island, went to school in upstate NY and came straight back to Manhattan to live. Never lived anywhere else. Never wanted to. Got a job as a rock journalist, in the course of which I met and married a rock star (yeah, yeah, conflict of interest, who cares). Became a priestess in a Celtic Pagan tradition, and (based on sheer longevity) one of the most senior Witches around. Began writing my Keltiad series. Wrote a memoir of my time with my beloved consort (Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison). See Favorite Books below for a big announcement...The Rennie Stride Mysteries. "There is no trick or cunning, no art or recipe, by which you can have in your writing that which you do not possess in yourself." ---Walt Whitman (Also @ and

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Top 5 of Life

Inspired by Charlie Pace ("Lost")...

5. My first official autograph, given at a science-fiction convention in Tarrytown, NY, I would guess 1984 or 1985, since it was for "Copper Crown", signed for a young man called Jamie.

4. My initiation as a Witch: how everything was seen through my skin, since I was blindfolded for most of it---the HUGENESS of the astral, how the elements changed for each Quarter to which I was presented...soooo cool.

3. Not decided yet

2. Meeting Jim for the first time, at the Plaza Hotel, January 1969: the sparks that leaped out all over when we touched hands.

1. Sitting with Jim in Central Park the day we got engaged, under a flowering tree, him smiling up at me with his head in my lap: I think that's the moment I'd choose to be in for all eternity. It was so beautiful, and we were so happy...I thought I was going to burst into a billion sparkling dancing tiny pieces.


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