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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hate Reign O'er Them

From the NYTimes Magazine:

An interesting discussion. Having had more than my fair share of anonymous bile directed my way, I can certainly relate to the issue.

Just because you happen to be a public figure should NOT mean it's open season on you for every hating, mentally deficient, deeply disturbed wacko who walks the earth (with knuckles grazing the ground).

It's easy for people to say Oh, grow a tougher skin, don't take it personally, but, you know, that's really hard to do when the attcks are ABSOLUTELY aimed at you personally. If you haven't experienced this kind of thing yourself, STFU. You know not whereof you speak.

Civil discourse may never have been a possibility on the Internet from the start, as opportunities for malice and toxicity are afforded these days to an extent never dreamed by the poison-pen letter writers of old.



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