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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Journalism Schooled

Although I'm certainly honestly glad that Laura Ling and Euna Lee, famously "lost" journalists held and sentenced by wacko nation NKorea, are free and home, I have to say I'm really not jazzed with the whole situation from the beginning.

They claim to have been "lost" while driving around and somehow, oh deary me, ended up in NKorea ? So then they're incredibly incompetent.

OR...they tried to sneak in illegally, got caught and promptly started whining for America to ride to the rescue. So then they're not only incompetent but incredibly stupid and arrogant and entitled.

Though I think that 12 years hard labor was WAY out of line, I'm really sick of feckless, reckless Americans thinking that if they break laws in foreign countries (and nasty foreign countries at that), their natural-born American-ness will save them from punishment.

So President Clinton had to go and fetch them back, like a stern dad springing his naughty teenagers from the principal's office. I just hope it doesn't cost us more than a photo op and an ego stroke.


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