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Monday, July 06, 2009


It's what she does. She quit five colleges before apparently graduating from a sixth. She quit being mayor of Wasilla to run for VP. Now she's quitting being governor of Alaska to run for...what? Surely she must know by now, after three generations, that withdrawal doesn't work for her?

She says she has a higher calling. Queen of the Rapture, maybe? If only! Lord, please make it so and put her out of our misery, let our prayers come unto thee, even though most of us here don't worship thee. We can ASK, right??

So let her cross that bridge to nowhere, or sit on her front porch and look at Russia all she wants, or field-dress some moose, or her husband, whatever she likes.

Since she's obviously not going to hide herself in the tundra, I say we have some fun with this. I do SO hope Letterman doesn't shy away...


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