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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Haggis For Brains

I am very disturbed indeed about the release of the Lockerbie bomber by the Scottish government. It seems utterly incomprehensible that they would spring a convicted mass murderer on "compassionate grounds" when he showed not a scrap of compassion in his murderous actions and if not caught would certainly have continued them.

And I wonder what the Scots were thinking. And I wonder if there isn't more to this than meets the eye: a deal for Libyan oil? A means of covering up irregularities in the arrest or trial? I just can't see any POSSIBLE reason why a richly deserved life sentence should have been tossed aside after a mere eight years and the terrorist pig returned home to be allowed to die in the bosom of his family.

Now I see Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond is claiming that many affected families who are not American are just fine with this decision. Which, frankly, sounds far less plausible than the Loch Ness Monster (in whom I totally believe, by the way).
People who lost loved ones and their homes when the plane fell out of the sky think it's okay that the terrorist goes free? I just don't buy it...

When did a life sentence for mass murder become a "Rot in jail forever until you become terminally ill with cancer and then we'll send you home to die with your family because we're so compassionate and we don't want you to suffer needlessly" sentence? I am ashamed of my Scottish roots, connections and admiration.

And if he ISN'T dead of cancer in three months as promised, I hope somebody takes him out harshly and painfully, then wraps him in a bacon shroud and lets him explain himself to Allah, god of peace.

Yeah. Right.


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