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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dowager Boomer

That's me! And today, March 4, is my 63rd birthday. Which is fine. I couldn't get the Trader Joe's chocolate ganache cake I sought (they were all out of it), but I found a most worthy substitute: TJ's Chocolate Dilemma, a glorious box o' cheesecake, comprising 2 slices each of marble, triple chocolate, plain and chocolate-chip. What perfection. This weekend, I'm going to my mom's (to congratulate her, as I do every year, on having produced such a wonder child), and she and I and my sister and my two eldest nieces will celebratorily consume all this chocolatey goodness. (There's a Chocolate Lava cake as backup...)

But more importantly, today is, how perfect is THIS, National Grammar Day! And Conanne the Grammarian rejoices that it should be so. This day of all days is so designated by SPOGG, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, a fine and upstandingly correct organization. I encourage all of you to join.

And as a birthday gift to me, a personal boon and favor, perhaps people could resolve to finally break themselves of the "between you and I/me" would do a lot to clean up Dodge.

That's all.


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