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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heck of a Job, Clownie!

I'm getting really sick of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. First he decides to be all obstructionist with the President's stimulus package, backing away from the table and deciding he's far too good to be accepting federal money (this while his state is suffering, thanks to him). Then he tries to come all over presidential quality by strutting down the hall of the White House and giving his rebuttal to President Obama's speech last night.

Which was just another regurgitation of the same sour party line they've all been spouting. Haven't they heard? THE REPUBLICAN PARTY LOST. THE PEOPLE REJECTED IT. At least enough of them did, thank all gods. IT DOESN'T WORK. IT GOT THIS COUNTRY INTO THE MESS IT IS NOW IN. What part of that don't they understand?

Basically, he's a jerk, and a mean-spirited jerk at that. And if the people of Louisiana do not rise up in a body and vomit him forth then they deserve him and everything he does for them. Which is a big fat nothing.

I mean, what kind of governor turns down free money for his state, where a great city still lies in ruins thanks to Republican policies (or lack thereof) and the unemployment rate is high and people are unbelievably poor and struggling to begin with? A vain, arrogant, self-serving and uncaring one; likewise the govs. of Texas and Mississippi.

Even Ah-nuld said that if Louisiana and Texas and Mississippi don't want the federal money, he'd be happy to take it for California.

Is pleasing the neocon Dark Lords of 2012 so important to these creeps that they would let their people suffer? What the hell is the matter with Republicans?? McCain, Palin, Jindal... Would they really rather see this country go down the tubes entirely than bear a hand and support Obama's policies? Which may or may not work...I'm no economist...but at least it's SOMETHING, and not more of the same swill that's been pushed down our protesting throats for the past eight years.



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