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Monday, January 26, 2009

Senatrix Populusque Novum Eboracum

Forgive the possibly incorrect word endings; it's been a long time since Professor Wallace's Latin class...

Well, we now have a new person in Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate seat, and the long knives are already out. Perhaps justifiably...

I have to say, when I first saw Kirsten Gillibrand's name put into play, I thought this was a good thing. A person from upstate NYS, and a woman. We desperately needed someone to represent the interests of Outside New York City, and at first glance she seemed reasonable.

She may still prove so. I, for one, have no problem with her NRA standing: I like guns, and I believe that as long as criminals have guns, everybody should have them. Not a very liberal attitude, you're thinking (or else an EXTREMELY liberal one)? So shoot me. If I don't get the drop on you first.

She supports gay marriage rights and other such issues. As for the rest, I guess we'll find out. I do think she'll be facing hugeous primary challenges next year and in 2012, and Governor Paterson may find himself doing the same.

Not so much because of Gillibrand, though that, but because he's proven himself to be, or at least to look like, an incompetent dithering fool by his handling of the whole Caroline Kennedy as senator thing.

I didn't approve of Caroline getting the appointment, because I thought she came across as a spoiled, self-entitled little princessy bitch. "Waaah! I'm a Kennedy! My family has suffered! It's my murdered uncle's old Senate seat! Gimme!"

She had no elective experience, couldn't carry on a coherent interview in public, refused to allow reporters access (apparently with good reason), and finally either withdrew in a fit of pique, withdrew because of nanny and tax issues, withdrew honorably for the greater good of the state, or was sabotaged out of contention by Paterson's own people and a hired PR gun, depending on whose story you buy.

Oh, I tell you, New York state politics! An endless source of good unclean fun! I look forward to seeing this play out. Maybe Paterson should have appointed Capt. Sully Sullenberger. At least he demonstrates unflappable grace under pressure. If he can land a crippled jet on the Hudson, he can certainly manage the fractious Senate.


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