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Monday, March 02, 2009

In Like A Lion

I hardly dare mention it, for fear of making it go looks like......SNOW!!!!! And a lot of it. What a nice birthday present, a few days in advance...

The weather droids are saying maybe DOUBLE DIGITS in town...a foot or more!

1:00 pm

Well, the snow has wound down for the moment, but we're expecting another shot of it later this afternoon. We have about 9 inches, so maybe we'll hit a foot. It looks lovely, and I've been out already once today. Came back after a brisk walk around the corner past St. Mark's Church while the snow was still falling; newly inspired to work on Rennie, just not the next book, but the one where she moves to NYC and into a house right across from said church. A snow scene, naturally.

I love writing cozy scenes like that. Perhaps you've noticed. Scenes where the weather is a major player, and people are all cozy and warm inside, usually eating something nice.

So in the pursuit of verisimilitude, I've just had lovely baked ziti and meatball leftovers from last night's order-in (I'm SO lazy...), and will watch a soap opera or two, and then I shall put my monster Sorel snowboots on and go out again, to trudge up to 3rd and 14th and Trader Joe's.

I am hoping, probably vainly, that it won't be crowded today, but I know my fellow New Yorkers, and they're all thinking exactly the same thing I am. Which means the usual queue wrapping around the store like an anaconda...but I need that chocolate ganache cake for Wednesday. Well, okay, not really "need". Just want. And there's nothing wrong with that.


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