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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

For David, 5 August 2006

This is a song Turk wrote for a friend he lost...I thought it could serve for my dear and longtime friend David Walley as well, on the two-year anniversary of his death...

Referred Pain

Paper cuts sting like fire
Mortal stabs you never see
It’s the shallow wounds that pain the worst
That’s how
you hurt me

Some may come and some abide
Others come and go away
Pain referred is pain denied
Let me heal just one more day

We weren’t meant to be forever
We were just a passing thing
Just because it was a deal
doesn’t mean it wasn’t real
But we never, no, we never made it sing

I won’t make the same mistakes twice
I’ll make new ones
Better than the last, I’ll choose them well
They’ll be true ones

And now you’re gone
Like a shadow on the sun
a detour on a trip
Unscheduled port of call on the last ship
Your days were hijacked in the middle of your run
But when all is said and done

Just because I’d left you long ago
doesn’t mean I don’t still miss you
Just because we let each other go
doesn’t mean I can’t still kiss you

I won’t make someone else’s mistakes
I’ll make my own
Not like any others ever made
They’re still unknown

Wherever you may be
You’re still my friend
Whatever I might see
That doesn’t end

Sometimes though you aren’t even here
I can feel you right beside me
Sometimes when I don’t know where I am
I know you’re the one to guide me

Remembering how it really was for us
I will always know
Remembering how you were the one to say
You’d be the first to go

(c) 2008, Patricia Morrison


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