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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Poppets Take Broadway

Took my niece Shannon Rose to see "The Pirate Queen" on Broadway today. Ostensibly the story of renowned 16th-century Irish pirate Granuaile (Grace O'Malley) set to music by the folks behind "Les Miz" and "Riverdance", it partakes of elements of both. It's just pirates pirates everywhere these days..

However, the music is boring (nothing remotely hummable) and the history questionable (they mix up Donal nan Cogaidh, her first hubby, and Richard-in-Iron Burke, her second, ON PURPOSE) and the fiery Irish dancing not anywhere near enough. And the actress/singer who played Elizabeth I, a major character, distressingly reminded me of Miranda Richardson as the same queen in "Blackadder." Just as squeaky-voiced too.
The Grace was good: great voice and nicely athletic (swinging from ropes, climbing masts), and the guy who played her noble dad was gorgeous in a long gray hippie ponytail wig and knotwork circlet. Smokin' hot. Probably what Gwydion would look like round about age 180 or so.

We sat in the very front stage-left box and Shannie was thrilled, never having done so before, and I kept our seats a surprise ("Oh, well, I got the best seats I could, I don't know how good they'll be"). The best part was that due to a NY Daily News promotion, all seats in the house were $35 from May 24 to June 3. What a deal.

Anyway, it was enjoyable and it was fun spending the day with my niece. We went back to my place and ordered our favorite Dallas BBQ and just hung out and I showed her some of my demented Rennie&Turk research (their clothes, houses, furniture, cars, pets and jewelry) and sang her hooks from a few of Turk's songs. She didn't run screaming from the room.

So now I'm back to considering computer options. And very weary of it indeed. But it was nice to not think of it today.


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