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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Microsoft, Fry In Hell! And Your Little Dog Toshiba Too!

I believe I may have mentioned that I hate my new laptop and I hate, loathe, detest and would gladly sink to the depths the abomination that is Windows Vista. The Toshiba has one of those nasty touchpads and the mouse buttons are located so that I can't really click and scroll conveniently and it skitters all over the place, opening unwanted windows and zipping from one to another. Plus the touchpad has some weird gizmo on the sides and edges that drives me nuts, again with the skittering.

Vista has manifold sins, offenses and wrongs going for it, but the chief one is that it keeps sending my printer offline and then telling me there is an error (and like ten documents in the queue) when I try to put it online. I have spent at least twelve hours on the phone with HP uninstalling and reinstalling, and I'm fucking SICK of it.

I'm not the only one: I was in the local copy shop today recounting my woes to Santo and Margaret, the shop's owners, and their big yellow Lab Satch, and Santo said there have been numerous others in there complaining just as bitterly as I of how much Vista sucks and how it's not even out of beta yet and we're all guinea pig suckers forced into using it and it prevents people from not only printer ease but routers and all sorts of other add-on hardware. Have I said how much I hate it, Vista?

So I'm trying to think of creative solutions that don't involve spending too much money. I am considering buying a cheap second-hand Mac (if such a thing exists), since my iTunes account is all on Mac from my office computer. Or a cheap second-hand PC with a nipple mouse and WIndows XP, which I have at my new work and is fast, easy and doesn't make me scream and want to throw it out the, yes, window. Or uninstalling Vista and installing XP.

That is all. For now.


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