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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rude the Obscured

Angels and ministers of grace defend us! Rudy Giuliani has launched his presidential bid.

Now many folk think Rude was a god at 9/11. Not so, my legions! Let us not forget that among his many other sins, offenses and negligences, Rudy Boy was the one who okayed putting the emergency command center, yes, that's right, the one that's supposed to be Ground Control Nerve Central in case of disasters, RIGHT AT THE WORLD TRADE CENTER SITE. In a building that was not only damaged but came crashing down. Great decision, Rudy!

As for his "leadership", please! He THANKED GOD that Bush was the president. He posed and strutted all over that tragic stage and did little if anything to help. True, Bloombugger is the one who's dissing rescue workers into the grave. But he's working off a Rudy blueprint.

Anybody aware of the tons of cameras on him that day and thereafter would have behaved just as he did. For the cameras. He bogarts the credit for "keeping New York together," but pardon me while I throw up. WE did that. WE kept OURSELVES together. We didn't need Rudy's "help" then and we don't need it now. The man is a divisive, arrogant little publicity hog and a nasty, smug, smarmy piece of work.

I will give him grudging credit for lessening crime and getting the homeless off the streets and into shelters. But that's it. If that power-hungry weasel gets elected to national office it will be a horror show. Not as bad as Chimpy, of course, but right up there. Hey, don't forget, he tried to get the term limits as NYC mayor tossed out after 9-11 'cause he thought he was fucking indispensable. Yeah, we noted that, Rudy. Buh-bye.

People! Hear my voice crying in the wilderness! DO NOT OPEN WIDE AND SWALLOW THIS! A McCain-Rudy/Rudy-McCain ticket is not the way we need to go. If you do, you will be sorry in ways you can only imagine. You heard it here first.


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