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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bedfellows Make Strange Politics

After the election excitement, I was just remembering how apolitical Mr. Mojo was...he was concerned with bigger game, truly. And he was probably right. But I do like to get into a rant or two, as by now you've surely noticed.
And if I never have to see another nasty slimy political ad again, it will be aeons too soon. I hereby propose a motion to limit campaigning the way the Brits do. Six weeks. That's it. Do I hear a second? Right, then.

So! Rummy is history! And bad history at that. Trust Chimpy McFlightsuit to know his own (what it pleases him to call his) mind: Only last week he was all "Yeah, I have total confidence in Rummy and will never let him go", and now it's all "So long don't let the Oval Office door hit you on the way out."

Yeah, yeah, W's claiming it was all set in stone long ago and he didn't want to "interfere" with the election by announcing it before yesterday. But , but, but then why risk losing votes (and he did lose votes) by keeping Rummy on till after the election? In the always correct words of Hermione Granger, What. An. Idiot.

But that's just the chocolate buttercream on the frosting of my Cake of Election Delight. Democrats control House. Democrats control everything in New York but NYC Mayor. Nancy Pelosi as first woman Speaker of the House. And man, will that House be spoken to!

True, Ahnuld gets a callback, and the vile turncoat suckup Bush-head Lieberman won in Connecticut, but pish. It is a very good day at Casa de Mojo.

Now the newly elected Democrats just better get their act together pronto. We're sick of all the crapola. DO SOMETHING.


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