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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Beannachtai na Feile Samhain oraibh!

A happy and holy Samhain to all my brother and sister Pagans, and to everyone who shares in the sacred joyful spirit of this feast...

A User's Guide to Samhain:

It is pronounced SAH-win (not sam hane), meaning "summer's end" in Irish, and it is the ancient Celtic New Year. Celebrations and resolutions are appropriate. Also divinations.

It is also the feast of the dead, who, for Celts, are merely in another room. And tonight our beloved dead return to visit, as the walls between the worlds are thinnest. You must show them proper courtesy and welcome. Candles, food, flowers, music, meditation or just hanging out. It's all good.

Put a candle in the window at sunset tonight and let it burn till morning, or until it goes out, as a guide to anyone who may want to come visit you. Observe fire precautions, of course.

Pork and apples are traditional, for the living as well as the dead...the usual menu at Casa de Mojo is pork, chicken and steak cut in chunks and hashed with potatoes and onions; cheddar cheese; apple cider; and a scone or muffin or apple turnover. Mmmmm. Your visitors will appreciate it and so will you...leave it out till morning, then dispose of it. Do NOT eat any food that was left for the dead; the goodness is gone out of it and it's terribly bad luck and extremely impolite.

Remember not to eat berries off the branch after tomorrow, since they belong now to the Puca...

Happy New Year to all!

And Happy 21st Birthday to my brilliant and beauteous niece Shannon Rose! Love ya, sweetness!


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