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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Plague Off Both Our Houses

Dems, the ball's in your court, step up to the plate, the chickens have come home to roost, quoth the Raven, "nevermore", whatever cliches you like.

You have control of both houses of Congress, and now it's over to YOU. I expect great things. I want the world and I want it NOW.

And the first thing I want you people, for whom I have voted all my life and never asked a thing of in return, to do is to deep-six, bury deep, blow to smithereens, etc., etc., all the so-called "Patriot" crap that the Unelected President has pushed down our gagging and retching throats.
The Bill of Rights must be restored to all its wise glory, and the cynical, terror-slanted "improvements" (violations, illegalities, etc., etc.) with which Weasel Prez has besmirched us all must be cleared away like vomit. MUST. GO. NOW. AT ONCE. IMMEDIATELY. Get on the stick and JUST FUCKING DO IT.

And then I want Shrub and Cheney impeached. Yes! On criminal charges, unlike the trumped-up trivial crapola they threw at Bill.

A Democratic majority and the assistance of similarly revolted Repubs (there are a few...) can push at least the Patriot Act revocations through, no prob. It cannot be allowed to hang around like the vulture it is a moment longer. It has made us look like hicks and rubes and morons in the eyes of the world, it betrays all our own founding principles, and because so many of you bent over and took it when Mr. Pestilence pushed it on you is why you OWE US now to make it be gone.

Okay, that's first on MY wish list. I'm just sayin'. And I do think you owe me.


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