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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Broomstick for Kathie Lee

Where it might do her the most good...except she's probably got one there already...

Let me explain: I am told that the public excrescence that goes by the name Kathie Lee Gifford talked trash about Pagans on "Today" last week.

To wit, if "wit" is a word one can use in connection with this female waste of oxygen: she called Pagans "nasty" and "bad" and spouted some guff about how we all think carrying metal on our right side is bad luck.

Well, gosharee, Kathie Lee, I've been a Pagan for over forty years, and for all that time I've been wearing metal on my right (silver, generally; my gold hand is the left one). Are you telling me that's been the cause of all the bad luck in my life?

I swear, between her and Oprah (the prancing, grinning, mugging Ms. Winfrey is also down on fact, she refused to book my friend and very public Witch Phyllis Curott on her show), I just don't know whom to turn into a frog first.

Anyway, I just sent an email to the Today Show, protesting Kathie Lee and her moron attitudes, and I urge you guys to do the same. You can find a detailed account of the incident on, published by a Pagan who is by her own admission a coward and a wuss, too afraid of, ooooooh, what people might THINK to dare venture out of the broom closet.

I get SOOOOO sick of people like this. The Pagan poster too, not just Kathie Lee and Oprah. I'm sick of pig-ignorant, bigoted sourpusses trashing my religion on air when they wouldn't DARE say a similar thing about Jews or Muslims or Christians. And I'm sick of sissy Pagans too a-skeered of imaginary shadows to stand in the light and claim their faith with dignity and pride.

We're not going to get our due until more of us start doing this. Just like gay people had to do, and look, they've got real honest true to goodness marriage now! Okay, only in two states and three or four countries, but it's a start, and it WILL come for them. Acceptance and respect won't come for us until we demand it.

Oh, and while I'm at it, I'm sick of twee little twitterers whose sites and pages are full of sickly-sweet goddess and angel and fairy pictures, and who try to post them here. Don't do it, 'kay? Good. Don't make me slap you. You're a biiiiiiig part of the reason we get no respect, you with your "magical" names like Rainbow Galadriel Silverwindmistdancer and Raventhunderer Oakentreefireeagle (oh, sorry, LORD Raventhunderer Oakentreefireeagle). Give. Me. A. Freakin'. Break.

If you think this is harsh, well, it is! Yes! And if it offends anyone's ever so delicate airy-fairy sensibilities, well, I'm not forcing you to stick around...

By the way, I feel exactly the same about Christians who have those godawful (pun intended), semi-pornographic, groupie-style pics of Jesus around the house. You know the ones I mean. Or those Virgin Mary statues with her eyes turned swooningly up to heaven, or the tinkly little precious angel statues and pictures. Hey, do you skipping, prancing eejits know how powerful and SCARY angels are? Obviously not, because you'd be cowering under your bed for daring to insult them by depicting them as sweet little fat babies or golden-haired Pollyannas with wings.

Gods! Grow UP, people!

And send some emails where they'll do the most good. Looking at YOU, Kathie Lee and Oprah!

And people like you who use the word "witch" as a euphemism for "bitch." If you used the word "Jew" as a substitute for something, you'd be out of a job in a nanosecond. What the bloody hell is the matter with you, that you don't have the courage of your mealy-mouthed, prissy-pants convictions and just call a bitch a bitch? 'Cause you are one yourselves?


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