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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Like A Virgin...NOT

I see where it has become a big and lucrative business in Europe, apparently, to reconstruct the hymens of stupid Muslim women who are about to marry stupid Muslim men to whom physical proof of virginity is a Big Honking Deal. The women had a normal, healthy sex life pre-marriage, and now that they find themselves unable to prove their "purity" on their wedding night (by blood on the sheets of the consummational bed, how unbelievably primitive is THAT), they're all het up. (And women have been known to cut a toenail, or even bring a little vial of blood to the honeymoon chamber, just so they can satisfy custom...though the men, and the mothers-in-law, are on to that little trick...)

So they decide instead to deceive their intended bridegrooms by scampering off to get a virginoplasty, in which cooperative plastic surgeons do a little snip-snip, and hey presto! they've got hymens again.

I note this insanity in conjunction with a court case in France last week, where a Muslim couple, just wed, went upstairs from the reception to do the defloration bit (he was then expected, and expecting, to show the bloody sheets in front of everyone), and the husband found out, to his chagrin, she was no maiden bride. He then, get this, went back downstairs and ANNOUNCED THIS PUBLICLY at the reception, and headed straight to court for an annulment.

Which he actually got. On the grounds of FRAUD. Yes, that's right, she represented herself as a virgin when she wasn't, knowing that this was crucial to her idiot betrothed. So he felt cheated and lied to and sued for having been defrauded.

And, I guess, he was. Anyway, big huge deal in France, with the usual suspects lining up on both sides of the issue.

I mean, people! Get a grip! This is the 21st century, not the 1st or the 7th or the 15th. What the HELL difference does a tiny scrap of flesh make? If men had hymens, would we be even discussing this stupendously stupid matter? I don't think so!

Okay, if virginity is important to both parties, then yes, they should BOTH be virginal. But lying when you know you're not and it's important to your husband that you are, or going in for surgery to mask the fact that you've done the That's just plain wrong.

It just astounds me that it matters at all anymore to anyone. Virginity in and of itself is pointless and useless. It's no loss but a gain, the first sexual experience.
This is just men...Muslims most notably, because they're primitive tent-heads who still think of women as chattel (YES, I SAID it, I don't CARE!!!), but other men too...using this alleged purity issue as yet another means of controlling women's sexuality. Or maybe it's just terror of suffering by comparison to her previous lover(s): "Oh dear, she already got it on with some stallion and now I'm going to look like a poodle prick 'cause I'm not big/wide/long-lasting enough for her. Oh poor me. I'd better just marry some virgin who doesn't know any better and won't ever miss what she never had."


And then there's the absolutely creeeeepy phenomenon of father-daughter "Purity Balls", where the little girl gets all tricked out like a ho and slow-dances with her daddy at these Christian-sponsored functions and he gives her a ring and promises to "cover his daughter" from any possible sexual contact till he sells her off to her husband.

Noting the fact that "cover" is a verb used in horse and cattle breeding, where the male "covers" the female, and seeing its use in such a context as Purity Balls truly makes my skin crawl, I'm asking where are the Purity Balls for mothers and sons, where mom dances with her tuxedo'd adolescent lad and makes him promise not to stick it in anyone before marriage? Where indeed!

I'm no fan of promiscuity or casual sex, and I think that society is far too sexualized these days for anyone's good. But this kind of thing doesn't help. Women lying about their "purity": hey, girls, just because you bought yourself a new cherry doesn't make your history go away. And guys, sleeping with as many virgins as you can get your hands on and then insisting your bride must be pure and untouched as the new-fallen snow? STUPID.

Maybe evolution will sort this out by giving men, too, a hymen to prove their virginity: I envision some sort of frill or ruff encircling the peccant part. Me, I wouldn't fuck a virgin on a bet. And, Too Much Information though it may be, I never have.

Men should just get the hell over it. Or maybe evolution will sort it out another way, and baby girls of the future will be born, um, natally perforate. That might solve a lot of problems.


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