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Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Lost" Is Found!

Okay, if you don't watch Lost, don't read this, 'cause I'm not doing exposition or backstory.

If you haven't watched the two-hour season closer, don't read this 'cause there's spoilers all OVER the place.


How AWESOME was that! I am still buzzing and fizzing...sooooo many answers.

The Island moved! By means of Ben and a frozen donkey wheel! Like Conan the Barbarian's Wheel of Pain, though Ahnuld way buffer than poor scrawny Ben.

It seemed to sink like Stargate Atlantis. Where is it now? Will it pop up in the middle of shipping lanes?
Captain of cruise ship: Steady as she goes...WTF?!?!?!?
Island: Hi there!
First officer: We seem to be located three miles inland in the jungle on some island, next to a pirate ship.
Captain: Bloody hell.

Best line: "Couldn't find the anthuriums, could you..." And then Ben twiddles the flowers at Locke! Awesome.
Also: "So?"

Dear Pacific Ocean,
Thank you so very much for removing Sawyer's shirt. It was deeply appreciated. I wish you could have managed to remove his pants too, since it's hard to swim miles to shore wearing jeans. And if he'd been nekkid, his appearance to a beach-sitting Juliet would have nicely bookended his Season 1 ocean emergence to a beach-sitting Kate. Just like Venus emerging from the foam. Only with chest hair. But thank you anyway. I'm sure you did what you could and I'm grateful.

LOCKE IN A BOX! Wow. I did feel it would turn out to be so. I saw the foilers on Good Morning America, and was very very glad it wasn't Sawyer or Desmond. It was upsetting enough seeing them lying there like that.
But what about that obit for "Jeremy Bentham" which mentions he was from NY and had a teenage son? Did he adopt Waaaaalt?

VERY glad to see the end of Michael. Jin, not so much. Maybe he's not really most sincerely dead...maybe he jumped and got caught up in the Island's departure wake forcefield. Then again, Daniel Dae Kim was busted for DUI, and we all know what happens to Lost stars who drink and drive...RIP Ana-Lucia and Libby, see ya around. Three for three bite the dust. Yeesh. You'd think the actors could afford to hire drivers or take cabs when they've had too many mai tais...

Yunjin Kim's acting in the chopper absolutely brilliant. She's amazing.

And DesmondPenny! Cried like a baby. Now that they're together at last, I just hope TPTB leave them alone and don't have Widmore kill Desmond or anything.

I guess Des will now have to learn to keep his shirt buttoned. What a pity. And doesn't he look amazingly like the mid-period Eric Clapton??? Which is no bad thing. See you in another life, brother!

SUN! What a badass! So she blames two men for what I guess we must now accept (at least for now) as Jin's 'splody and fiery death. Her father, and....Widmore? That's what I think, though others have said Desmond, Kate (not a man, but still...) and Jack. I think it's Widmore she blames, and you notice she didn't answer him when he asked "Why are you helping me, Ms. Kwon?" Because she's NOT helping him, she's going to destroy him. Yay!

Loved SawyerMySawyer jumping from the chopper. He's a hero. Jack is just a jealous Jackassical wannabe. Lord, how I hate him, and his stupid-looking beard too.

Loved that Frank Lapidus made it off safely. He's cool.

The lying still bothers me. I know they want to protect the ones left behind, but plenty of people already know they're a lying bunch of liars. Widmore, Waaaaalt, Waaaaalt's grandma, the crew of Penny's boat, Abaddon, probly Oceanic itself...the secret must come out sometime. They could blow the whistle whenever they want.

Then again, what are the O6 gonna say? "Oh yeah right, we crashed on this magical time-travelling island that heals some people and kills others, and there were polar bears, and a big giant crazy-ass smoke monster, and equally crazy-ass multiple-murdering people living there already having book club sessions and barbecues in a cute little Spielbergville village, and pregnant women die, and dead people walk around, and magical black horses, and there was a crazy French lady, and an underwater station, and a valley full of pneumatic tubes, and a four-toed statue, and kids get kidnapped, and..." Well, okay, maybe not so much.

So few left on the Island now: Sawyer, Rose, Bernard, PossiblyDead!Claire and Locke are the only LostieClassics. Plus Losties 2.0: Juliet, Miles, Charlotte and Dan (we hope he made it back from the boat before the Island went walkabout). And maybe a few redshirts. And the plane kids kidnapped by the Others, whom we never saw again. And Richard the Changeless (oooooh Nestor Carbonell! He hot!) and the rest of the Others of New Otherton, who seem to have accepted Locke as their new king.

But all those answers and more questions too! Claire, she dead? Or just a self-serving dream of Kate's (who doesn't need to be told not to bring Aaron back to the Island)? How Ben got to Tunisia in a parka with the name Halliwax on it. He had to leave the Island because he moved it...did Widmore do the same, long ago? And did Locke, hence ending up dead in LA? Loved Sayid springing Hugo from the nuthouse...great hair, Future!Sayid. Will they all end up working for Ben now? How do they bring Locke back to the Island, since Ben says all of them must go back? Kate won't: she can't by terms of her parole (can't leave CA for ten years, and I doubt they'll flash forward that far), and wouldn't go anyway, she has a nice house with "her" son and doesn't have to worry about jail. Jack wants to, fine, sure, whatever, the pill-popping sot. Hurley maybe too. Sayid? Aaron? I doubt Sun will, unless it somehow furthers her revenge.

Sigh. What a great, GREAT finale. I am deeply content. And waiting patiently for February. Or maybe not so patiently.


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