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Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am sick and tired and disgusted beyond the point of barfdom by the pseudo-outrage generated by Barack Obama and his flying devil monkey squad of campaign advisors.

First, he gets jealously pissed off because, oh boo freaking hoo, President Johnson succeeded in passing an epic civil rights law and a black person didn't. And Johnson gets the credit! Wow! How racistly unfair! The honky fiend! How DARE that redneck Texan LBJ usurp the props of oh yeah right, that black president we DIDN'T HAVE AT THE TIME SO HE COULDN'T POSSIBLY HAVE PASSED IT.

Then one of Bammy's lackeys calls Hillary Clinton a monster, and gets, rightly, fired (you can't tell me she actually resigned out of honor...).

Now it's Hilary's own comment about how primaries and contesting candidates used to run all the way into June, you remember, when Robert Kennedy was assassinated.

And oooo-eeeee, the fur it is a-flying. The New York Times is being urged to rescind its endorsement of HRC. People are unloading such vituperation on her that would have been better dumped on Adolf Hitler. Here's a great bit from a poster on the NYT board, in SUPPORT of Hillary:

This is just so stupid; everything she says is not about Obama. It is true that Robert Kennedy won the California primary in June 1968; it is also, sadly true, that he was assassinated. It's just another trip to the fainting couch for these frail Obama supporters based on a statement by Clinton that had nothing to do with HIM. Even so, she did graciously apologize and made it VERY CLEAR that she did not intend any derogatory meaning by her words.

I am so tired of these tirades by Obama people and I've been a lifelong Democrat. I've had it. They trash Hillary's every move, try to hound her out of the race, demean her for staying in, and have fits of outrage over every remark. Their smelling salts strategy won't work against McCain and it won't work against world leaders. I'm not sure why it works against Hillary, but I'm fed up with Obama people.

You can have him but he's not getting my vote!

Brilliant. I've pretty much arrived at the same place myself. And for the first time I'm considering not voting the Democratic ticket if Obama is atop it but maybe, oh, I don't know, the Jedi ticket. Or writing in Bono.

Thanks to a spineless, gutless bunch of media whores, Obama is canonized and even deified. WITH NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO BACK IT ALL UP. He wants to have nice chats, without stiff pre-conditions, with the murderous thugs who run the terror countries. He has an inferior universal health plan. He doesn't seem to have a clue, being as he's so, oh you know, INEXPERIENCED, as to how to deal with the economy, the war or any number of hot issues.

But NOOOOOOOOOOO. BHO is hailed as the one to bring us the Second Coming. Me, I think he's more likely to bring us the Second Term of Jimmy Carter. Without the class.

And we're supposed to all fall on our backs and open our legs and pull the lever next to his name. Because he WAAAAAAANTS to be President, wannawannawanna! Never mind that he served in the Senate for about two and a half hours before deciding he deserved the Big Job and is prepared to pull some pretty unsavory stuff to get it. Because he's a half-black person who worshipped for two decades below the pulpit of a raving racist pig at whom Christ himself would throw a chair. Because, since spouses are apparently fair game, he's got a snobby, condescending bitch of a wife. Because he speaks the magic spellwords Imperio and Crucio, oops, sorry, I meant to say Change and Hope. Oh, please!

Listen, as I've said before, I would absolutely LOVE to see a black person become President. I just don't think it should be THIS black person. And I'm sick and tired of the fact that people who utter such apparent blasphemy are immediately tarred as racists by Barack's bleating lickspittle minions and gangs of half-assed liberals (and there are plenty enough to go round: Teddy Kennedy should be ashamed of himself, but perhaps that was the brain tumor talking) and starry-eyed students with no connection whatsoever to reality.

Yeah, yeah, we were starry-eyed too, in our day, in 1968, before people were ASSASSINATED. But those starry eyes were also beadily cynical and all-seeing. We had hopes for change, sure, but we also had a healthy quotient of suspicion, the big great uh-HUUUUH. We just couldn't get it together in time.

And I'm tired of seeing Hillary trashed by a bunch of fucking self-righteous half-educated yahoos for making simple historical factual comments. She wasn't advocating somebody take Bammy out. She was merely using RFK as a reference point in time. She said the same thing in a similar context back in January or February, and nobody's knickers went into a twist.

Geez! Get a grip, you morons. And though pretty much anybody is preferable to squicky old John McCain, I have to say, I'm really not looking forward to living in Obamaland come next January...


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