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Sunday, November 25, 2007

How High The Swoon

I keep forgetting to post to this blog, being all caught up with LJ and MySpace...but this one does have the prettiest wallpaper, kinda Louis Vuitton...ANYWAY.

Just went on a most entertaining site called, to correct a few wrong impressions of how tall Jim was as opposed to Val Kilmer (I don't even remember how I got there...).

Very amusing estimates, ranging wildly from 5'9 upwards for both men. The most oft-quoted height has Jim at 5'11" and Kilmer at 6'0", but I just don't think so.

And I base it all on hugging/kissing.

Judging by how far I, at 5'8", had to reach up to hug/kiss them or be kissed by them (Kilmer on my cheek ONLY, in greeting and farewell, thank you very much), I'd put them at right around the same altitude, especially in boots.

I know for a fact that Jim was 6'0" in his bare feet (and bare everything else...) because I marked his height on my kitchen wall. And in the Frye boots he usually wore I'd make him 6'1" or a bit over.

Back in the day, I generally wore low-heeled strappy Mary Janes or one-inch-heeled boots (my previous boyfriend being 5'9, 5'10" at the most), but sometimes I'd wear clogs, and in those my eyes cleared Jim's shoulder when he was in boots.

Anyway, it was fun to mentally calculate based on sense memory (and the kitchen wall). And Jim was indeed taller than his brother, Andy, whom I've also hugged (in purely sisterly fashion, of course).

Oliver Stone: I'd say 5'10", and he does the double-cheek European kiss.

Never hugged Johnny Depp (though I certainly wouldn't turn down a chance, and living in France with a French consort I bet he does the double-kiss too), but based on his height standing next to my 5'4" friend Lee Arenberg, whom I have hugged, I'd say another five-tenner.

Anybody out there hugged (or stood next to) anybody else of note? Let's hear some comparisons!


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