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Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Hail Charles Martel!

For stopping the Islamic invasion of Europe at the Battle of Tours, 732 C.E. If he hadn't, we'd all have been wearing burkas for the past 1300 years. And we'd all be living like the Sudanese.

I see where Ms. Gillian Gibbons has received 15 days in a Khartoum prison. But not a flogging, so thank Goddess for small mercies.

Unfortunately, Islam is a religion that knows neither mercy nor forgiveness. And though I rather agree with that policy on a personal basis, and am both merciless and unforgiving to those who have hurt and offended me, I do not as a rule approve of it on this sort of scale.

Especially when the judges are wrong. She meant no harm. The kids she was teaching named the damn bear, not she. The parents knew all about it.

And how comes it, by the way, that an INFIDEL WOMAN is teaching the overprivileged Muslim children of the Sudanese elite?

Should not the parents (who cut her adrift to save their own hides from the whip of shari'a law) who employed her and who invited Mohammed the Bear into their homes (the kids took turns bringing it home every week, and writing a little book about it) be the ones to be whipped for insulting their prophet?

Man, I have HAD it with crap like this. These people are barbarians. They were barbarians in the days of Charles the Hammer, and they are barbarians now. Savages, even.

I am sick of world governments appeasing them like bloody Neville Chamberlain and quaking lest they be offended and changing laws for them and bending over for them.

I was glad to see that some moderate and intelligent Muslims in the UK blasted Sudan for this. But it's not enough and it's not often enough. All too many times even they are afraid of the Mahometan jihadis.

And they're right to be. And so are we. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't stand up to them any way we can. Our leaders are far too cowardly and too bound to oil to do anything about it on a large scale, like denying aid or imposing sanctions. And we certainly must NOT go around taking it out on our local Muslim shopkeepers and drycleaners and grocers, because that's just as wrong as what the Sudanese are doing.

Much as I'd love to see gunboats off the coast of Sudan (where's Kitchener when you need him, eh? Or, indeed, Charles Martel?), that's not gonna work in this day and age. No Western politician has the stones to send them, for one thing. For another, it would just give the Mahometans more ammunition in their endless victim-y whinge of "The West hates us."

Maybe we do. But we've got good cause. And it goes back a long, long time. And you haven't changed since then, have you. No. You haven't.

I urge y'all to read the London Times coverage on this, particularly the reader commentary. It's amazing. The British people are still lions, even though their leaders are fieldmice.


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