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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dictionary Blues

I see where some dictionary "experts" or other are caving to Illiterate Nation, like the craven nebbishes they are, and I am NOT a happy camper.

To wit: they seem to think, if I can call it thinking, that allowing "vocal chords" (as opposed to "vocal cords"), "baited breath" (e-e-e-w-w-w! It's "bated", as in "abated", nothing fishy about it) and "free reign" (not "rein") is just peachy keen and hunky dory. They claim that because almost 50% of American English speakers use the incorrect variants, it's all a part of language drift, and we should embrace the inevitable.

NEVER. GONNA. HAPPEN. Hold that line, my comrades!

Even as I type this appalling news, Conanne the Grammarian is suiting up: she is belting on her terrible swift sword Strunknwhite the Punisher, saddling her fiery steed Litotes and getting ready to charge. Are you with her?


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