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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Getting to the Point...

...where I have no room anymore (apologies to Crosby Stills & Nash). For almost 40 years, stuff has been coming here to live and very little has been moving out. And I Have. No. Room. Left. None. There is stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff. I can live with clutter, but this is getting to Collyer brothers proportions, and I live in terror that if I bring home so much as another envelope, the floor will give way and won't my downstairs neighbor be surprised.

So I've decided to have a giant clearout. On eBay, natch, since the idea of a Craigslist one and people coming to my apartment is simply not to be thought of.

This is very exciting and also upsetting. I hate getting rid of stuff: I chose it all so carefully. But let's face it, if I haven't even seen it for the last two decades, let alone worn it or read it or used it, I'm not going to miss it, and perhaps it's time to let it go to a new home where it would be loved and taken care of.

Besides, when the old stuff is gone, then I can buy NEW stuff. Always a pleasing prospect.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in checking it out, I will post here when things go up on eBay, and how to find them. I should think it will be mostly portable stuff, at least at first; no two-foot-high marble and metal Elizabethan busts or anything like that, because that would be too expensive to ship. But it just may have to go: I have plans for that corner of the mantel. Prices would be, of course, correct and quite reasonable; it's more important just to clear some floor space.

But there might be some Celtic books I've no longer a use for, or a lamp or two, maybe even some vintage clothes or posters that I have no wall space to jewelry, though. Unless I get into selling jewelry I've made.

Actually, MDF Michael, who is my eBay Trading Partner, and I have sold stuff on eBay before: I had some old vinyl that was doing no one any good sitting in the Jacobean armoire gathering dust, test pressings and promotional stuff, and we unloaded it for some serious prices to nutty collectors.
Apparently lots of other authors do this: I'm told Poppy Z. Brite has her own eBay store and always announces on her blogs when she's got stuff for sale.

Could be fun. And it would be nice to actually have room to move...


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