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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sole Kitchen

I bought two new pairs of shoes today! Yes, it deserves the exclam, since shoes are positively the last thing I go out to buy. I just don't like 'em, and yet I have to wear them, because otherwise? Ick. I buy a new pair maybe every two years, usually low-rise black Reeboks, to replace an old pair that I toss.

Anyway, I had seen this particular kind of shoe I coveted on the elegant pedal extremities of MDF Kathleen, back in April, when she came to NYC. I pointed, much struck, and said What those? And she said those Privos, and yes, as comfortable as they look. And I said, Verily, let us go then and buy me some! For my own aristocratically high-arched, high-instepped feets!

So we went out and sought, and lo! our quest was fruitless. And shoeless, too. Though we did find two lovely old coats at Andy's Vintage.

But today was the day and the hour. My lovely National Geographic walking shoes needed something to come off the bench and sub. And I needed Crocs. Orange Crocs.
Which I found. AND I found a pair of Privos! Black and dark green, and just as comfy as they, indeed, look.

I have three or four pairs of shoes that I wear continually, three or four more occasionals like sandals or rain shoes, some boots for winter and dress-up and two pairs of fancy heels (which I've worn exactly once each) and that's about it. On the other hand, my mother and my niece Shannie are shoe fiends. Mom has I believe over fifty pairs, most of which have never been on her feet except to try them on and say I'll take these, please.

I just never got into shoes. Manolos and Choos and Louboutin leave me perplexed and sad to think that women strap these things on their poor unoffending feet and torture them. I'd sooner be in my Reeboks any day.
Or Keds. I can't stand those monster Godzilla sneaks that look as if they not only can preserve you from fatal ankle pronation but launch a nuclear strike while doing so. I'm perfectly happy in humble canvas Keds. Which is a kind of reverse snobbism, but there you have it.

It goes back to that style vs. fashion thing. If you only feel validated when Manolos are telling you you're valid, then you have a problem. If you're not cool when you're wearing Keds, then you have a problem. Cool's what you are, not what you put on your feet. Even Jim wore Adidas occasionally.

Still, I'm glad I have something new to put on mine.


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