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Monday, June 11, 2007

Satan's Sous-Chef

Ah, I see where my favorite guilty TV pleasure, summer division, is back: Hell's Kitchen, season 3.

Chef Gordon Ramsay just cripples me with laughter. He's crankier than I am by a factor of about a million! He calls the cook contestants donkeys and fuckheads! He throws things at them! He smooshes incorrectly prepared food on their fronts! He makes them cry and blubber! He tells them he wouldn't serve their food to pigs! People leave in ambulances! I freakin' LOVE it.
(I know, I know, I'm a horrible person. I would never terrorize people the way he does, no, really, well maybe SOME people, they know who they are, but I must say I do enjoy watching him be the cause of terror in others...)

Sorry I didn't blog as promised over the weekend. I went to see POTC:AWE Friday night with MDF Michael Rosenthal, who had not seen it yet. I liked it better the second time around, I must say. Well, sure, once my over-the-skysails expectations had been sunk to the, really, I did like it a lot more.


But still confused on a number of plot points: namely and chiefest, In "Dead Man's Chest," we learn that Davy Jones was betrayed long ago by his love Calypso, so he cut out him heart and put it in a chest and sprouted barnacles and tentacles. Fine. When Will Turner chooses to take on the duty of ferrying souls to the other side and becomes the next Davy Jones, his own dad cuts out him heart (Will's) and puts it in a chest and into Elizabeth's care. BUT. Lizzie didn't betray Will, and if it was because of betrayed love that Davy cut out his heart, why then should Will's heart have to be extracted? I don't get it, and I don't get it because it's sloppy scriptwriting. You see where I am on this. And when he comes back, is the ten-year stint as captain of the Dutchman over and he's human again, returned from the dead (betokened by the green flash)? I'm so confused...


So after the movie Michael and I went to Veselka's, Ukrainian coffeshop of choice (took Jim there, many years ago), and he had pierogi and I had Ukrainian meatballs. Nummy.
He also made me an open-ended loan of his old iBook, dear man, to help me sort out my computer difficulties. So now I have THREE laptops, and am trying ohsohard to figure out my options. I'm thinking I'll use the iBook, since I can get my iTunes account up and running without too much difficulty, hopefully. And also I can use the external hard drive to put my files on iBook Word, which is the older version and not the horrible new one.
Eventually I'll get a Thinkpad, with the nice eraser mouse, and switch everything over, or maybe a newer iBook. And I'll donate this Toshiba to some grammar school where the average eight-year-old will know better than I how to deal with it


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