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Friday, June 08, 2007

The Judgment of Paris

No golden apples here, folks! Just poor little Paris Hilton: a screaming, crying, hysterical spoiled brat who is apparently not at all sorry she drove drunk and got her license suspended and then was caught driving not once but twice. No, she's sorry only that she got caught, and, for the first time in her spoiled little life, is being treated like a normal person.

Oh, the horror! Not special. Not precious. That mean old judge, sending her back to jail when that nice bribe-taking evidence-hiding celebrity-ass-kissing sheriff let her out contrary to the judge's orders. Boo-freakin'-hoo.

People like this creature never cease to amaze me. Now, I happen to be friends with a famous billionaire's famous daughter myself, casual friends, not anyone close. Nice girl, who had a lot of problems in her past. But she not only got herself and friends/partners through rehab, she founded several charities to benefit the less fortunate and she works like a dog at them, she doesn't just lend her name and sit back and put her feet up. She admitted her many mistakes in younger years and she turned her life, and others' lives, completely around, and I have nothing but respect for what she did.

Not so Paris and her clones. And if people would just stop giving them the attention and passes for bad behavior they so desperately seek, maybe they too could pull up their socks and be more like my friend. Maybe this'll finally knock that annoying little smirk off her face. But probably not. With people like Paris Hilton, it's never their fault.


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