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Thursday, November 30, 2006

If You DON'T Got It, Flaunt It!

Hey, kids, lookit all the little bimbo no-talents flashing their tiny body parts of late! Beginning with the Axis of Celebrity Terror, BritneyLindsayParis, et too many insignificant al. to mention…

It’s pathetic, really. The talentless and classless going knickerless/braless/whateverless, in a desperate bid for the attentions of the paparazzi and the world.

Ho-hum, and I DO mean “ho”…

I guess if they can’t get people to pay attention to them through legitimate means, like, oh, you know, acting or singing or whatnot, they think that flashing their hoo-has/tatas/boombooms is the way. Well, girls, uh, NO.

I remember when talent was the criterion. I see where it still is. Just not anywhere in the vicinity of these sad little chicks.

I blame the pap-pack, too, of course. It’s a symbiotic relationship made in the gutter: you have the trash, and you have the trash picker-uppers, and you have the trash eaters (anyone who buys magazines or watches celebrity gossip shows). Talk about the Circle of Life!

And the horror doesn’t stop there, oh no it doesn’t! Behold, if you dare, the text of the condolence “letter” penned by Lohan and sent to the family of Robert Altman on the director’s death (who really didn't need any more grief):

"I would like to send my condolences out to Catherine Altman, Robert Altmans wife, as well as all of his immediate family, close friends, co-workers, and all of his inner circle.

I feel as if I've just had the wind knocked out of me and my heart aches.

If not only my heart but the heart of Mr. Altman's wife and family and many fellow actors/artists that admire him for his work and love him for making people laugh whenever and however he could..

Robert altman made dreams possible for many independent aspiring filmmakers, as well as creating roles for countless actors.

I am lucky enough to of been able to work with Robert Altman amongst the other greats on a film that I can genuinely say created a turning point in my career.

I learned so much from Altman and he was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I've had in several years.

The point is, he made a difference.

He left us with a legend that all of us have the ability to do.

So every day when you wake up.

Look in the mirror and thank god for every second you have and cherish all moments.

The fighting, the anger, the drama is tedious.

Please just take each moment day by day and consider yourself lucky to breathe and feel at all and smile. Be thankful.

Life comes once, doesn't 'keep coming back' and we all take such advantage of what we have.

When we shouldn't..... '

Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves' (12st book) -everytime there's a triumph in the world a million souls hafta be trampled on.-altman Its true. But treasure each triumph as they come.

If I can do anything for those who are in a very hard time right now, as I'm one of them with hearing this news, please take advantage of the fact that I'm just a phone call away.

God Bless, peace and love always.

Thank You,


Lindsay Lohan"

Oh dear God. There’s no excuse for this wretched piece of illiteracy floating before our eyes like sewage in the harbor. Where was her publicist? Her manager? Her mom? Her Long Island public school teachers?? They must be cringing, surely. Or, well, maybe not. Perhaps Literacy Volunteers can stage an intervention.
BTW, Lindsay herself made this atrocity public, for whatever reasons of self-exploitation. Hey, just like her hoo-ha! I sense a theme here…

Still, I’ll give her the benefit of SOME doubt: Maybe Paris and/or Britney helped their fellow Bimbo of the Apocalypse with her grammar. Or maybe she was just drunk from one of her hard-partying nights and "The Elements of Style" simply went straight out of her head. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

Soooo…they dress like sluts, drink like fish, expose themselves with less shame than baboons and write like…well, I don’t want to insult anyone by comparison. Obviously they weren’t taught anything in the realm of manners, modesty, self-worth or language skills. Or any other skills, either, apparently.

I hate to keep harping on days of yore, but when OUR celebrity idols got drunk and disorderly and maybe publicly showed off their naughty bits (Jim, no; looking at YOU, Jimi, Janis, Grace, Woodstock attendees...) way back when, at least there was literacy and creativity and talent to back it up. See that here? Not so much.

Man! What a bad week for Long Island representin’! First Rosie from Commack, now Lindsay from Merrick. (Of course, Billy Joel the Drivin’ Fool from the East End is ever with us…) Who’s next?


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