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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dog in Manger, Snake in Grass

I'm not a Connecticut voter, but I've been closely following that state's Democratic primary for the Senate nomination over the past weeks. Now it's over, Lieberman is the loser he's always been, and new blood Ned Lamont has locked it down. I am content.

Lieberman's the Neville Chamberlain of the Dems (well, most of them are also appeasers, but he's particularly noxious). He's spent the last few years with his mouth firmly planted on Bush-butt, and he has broken his promise not to run again with his declaration that hey, after he's sucked up everything the Democrats could offer him, now he's going to run in November as an Independent, to feed his massive, bloated ego and his sense of demiroyal entitlement. Just so HE can stay a Senator and enjoy his committees (from which he should IMMEDIATELY be removed) and his Beltway schmoozing and the adoration of his misguided CT-izens.

He has learned well from his dark masters. A Republican by any other name, he stinks up the place just as much as they do. So fond is he of his senatorial perks and suchlike that he is willling to force his ostensible party to spend tons of money against him, money that could be better spent elsewhere fighting the Republithugs.

So now all his cronies are crying foul, that the voters shouldn't use a primary (or any other election, apparently) to "send a message to Bush." Huh??? How the hell ELSE are we supposed to send messages and make our will known to our public SERVANTS? Oh, right, I forgot. We're not.

To borrow a rallying cry from an election long since, "THROW THE BASTARDS OUT!"


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