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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Devil Makes Them Do It

'Cause it sure isn’t Jesus, or Yahweh, or Allah, who is pleased by all this religious-based slaughter and outrage. At least I hope it isn’t.

It seems clearer and clearer to me that all, yes, ALL religions that claim God wrote things down in a book for them, that what they clutch to their tempestuous spiritual bosoms is truly God’s word, only for THEM, don’t have anything of the sort. Damn all.
All they have is man’s word, and usually ONE man’s word at that, or at least several men’s. And it makes me freakin’ SICK.

Fundies to the right of me, fundies to the left of me, fundies in front of me, volley and blunder…er, thunder. Making us chunder.

Do you hear any of this unmitigated crap emanating from the Taoists, the Buddhists, the Pagans of pretty much any stripe? No. You do not.

Because we know that while we have divine guidelines, means by which we strive to follow the Tao, or the Gautama, or the Goddess, we don’t make any larger claims on their behalf. We wouldn’t presume, having far too much respect.

So we don’t try to overrun the world on a jihad from hell (and make no mistake, that’s what Islamists are trying to do). We don’t condemn to eternal hellfire anyone who doesn’t think as we think, chapter and verse (and make no mistake here either, that’s what fundie Christians are trying to do).

From the age of 7, when with my cold beady little kid’s eyes I saw that the Catholic Church hierarchy/power structure was a hypocrite-infested rat’s nest of gorgeously appareled skirt-wearing male control freaks and the wrapped-up-like-living-mummies submissive females who unprotestingly did their bidding, and that to ally one’s soul with such could only be spiritual death to anyone who wanted a personal relationship with Deity, I have wondered nonstop how comes it that people could so betray not only themselves but the Deity they allegedly serve.
How do Christians think Jesus would regard all this?! Judging on reported form, I’d have to think he’d be pretty pissed off indeed.

Oh, right, and then, and THEN, dig it, clutching the very chains that bind them, they try to turn it round and whinge and moan and call it Catholic-bashing. Man! You haven’t SEEN bashing, I promise you! I’d like to give PLENTY of people a few almighty biffs where it would do the most good (looking at YOU, Paul of Tarsus, Emperor Constantine and the rest of the usual suspects!).
Christianity has had things its own way for far too long; why do you think so many people are turning to alternative religions? Because they’re not finding what they need in the ossified and opportunistically distorted remains of what started out as true spiritual grace from a truly inspired teacher. And the only reason they whine is because after two thousand years they can no longer have it all their own way and get away with what they’ve gotten away with. Well, boo-freakin’-hoo.

I can’t speak for Allah, not being Muslim, but I have read a bit in the Koran, and, let me tell you, this work makes no bones about the fact that Allah is totally on board with jihad against nonbelievers. Or so at least their book says. (I’ll be happy to cite quotations to anyone who wants to know.)
Considering that, how can they POSSIBLY try to pass it off as a religion of peace? And if on the other hand their own book is WRONG about jihad, then where are the fatwas against Hamas and Hezbollah from enlightened and peace-loving imams? Yeah. Right.

I guess we should be thankful that Christianity and Judaism don’t issue calls for jihad when cartoons are published. Islam has never had a reformation, and judging by what I’ve read, many things are passed off as Koran-dictated when really only usage decreed by MEN has set them in stone. But people are afraid to say things like that, ooooh, lest it be construed as racist and get fatwas issued against them. They’re not used to hearing their religion criticized like any other and potshot at like any other (hey, come over here and talk to us Pagans for a while, Islamofascists! We could tell you stories…), so when it is, they unreasonedly overreact. But if they’re ever going to get out of the 6th century and join the rest of the world, that’s going to have to stop. NOW.

I don’t like seeing anyone’s religion belittled, and I trust you have noticed that I only ever smack around religious politics, never the actual beliefs. But I also don’t like seeing holy war put forth as the proper solution to perceived religious disrespect. And I won’t even get INTO the vast social issues of people coming into Western countries still behaving as if they’re at home in the desert a thousand years ago and refusing to fit in with Western laws and codes of social conduct and yet still mouthing off that they’re only ever all about peace. (Maybe later…)

Because Islam is NOT a religion of peace. And neither is Christianity or Judaism. And because of that, I can only think, and hope, that pretty soon the judgment of God that all these people endlessly spout off about will come crashing down upon them like a ton of righteously divine bricks.

Be careful what you pray for, and what you call upon God to manifest. Let’s just hope it doesn’t squash the rest of us right along with them.


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