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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Plague On All Your Houses

I’m getting reeeeally tired (though not as tired as the Israelis, of course…) of everybody blaming Israel for what basically comes down to self-defense.

Israel is far from unresponsive to the unending Muslim gimme’s. It pulled out of Lebanon in 2000. Pulled out of Gaza. Was in the process of pulling out of the West Bank. What the hell more do the Islamofascists want?

Well, we KNOW what they want. They want Israel gone. Not gonna happen! I’m not crazy about some of Israel’s military actions---they're arrogant bullies on too many unnecessary occasions---but compared with the Islamists they are cooing doves of peace and saints of restraint and the only public voice of moderation in the Middle East.

Oh right, they want the West gone, too, of course, or at least brought under the Shari'a, rules devised a millennium and a half ago for illiterate tent-dwelling nomadic shepherds and totally unsuited for today. Islam World. Also not gonna happen, however much the jihadists think Allah is on their side. He's not.

Where's the Islamic Martin Luther to come along with a reformation to clear away the dross of primitive religiosity and superstition and hatred-death-glorification culture? To nail his theses to a mosque door? This HAS to happen if Islam is to live in amity with the modern world---always provided Islamists actually want to live and not just die---and it has to come from within Islam, not be imposed upon it from outside.

They claim Islam is a religion of peace. Prove it.

Because all I see is hate. I'd love to see a religion of peace and enlightenment, but you make it pretty much impossible.

Prove me wrong, all you people who go around shouting "Death to the West!" and then demand all the benefits of the West when you flock here like lemmings to live, deserting your Islamic homeland to feed off the tolerant West
Prove me wrong, all you males (you're not men, you're not even dogs or pigs or goats---you're worms) who have NO honor for indulging in "honor" killings of women or female genital mutilation (NOT IN THE KORAN, even); show me you're not just murdering sexist subhuman thugs who are lower than the scum of the earth.

Prove me wrong, all you scholars who repudiate the incendiary calls for jihad and murder and fire and slaughter in of your holy book, or who at least decry such literal atavisms, the way Christians and Jews decry the old outdated calls for slavery and stoning and suchlike in their own holy book.

Prove me wrong, rational and thoughtful imams and mullahs who have issued stern fatwas condemning jihadists.

What's that? You haven't? You didn't? You aren't? You don't? You can't? Not even a little?? Well, there you are then. You'd probably kill anyone who tried to drag Islam kicking and screaming into the same century as the rest of the world, anyway. Because as it has been shown to my eyes, Islam is a religion of war, not peace; hate, not love; death, not life. And its book says so.

Show me I'm in error in my assessment. Please. Explain to me. Because I just don't, you know, see it.

And then we have the violent cultural incursions Islam is making upon the West. Holland, Denmark, Britain, the rest of Western Europe. In danger of losing their ancient national identities to an invader much more insidious and much more dangerous, even, than Attila the Hun or Hitler himself. But neither cleric nor politician in the West will stand up to this, and nobody in the Middle East either (looking at YOU, King of Jordan! Looking at YOU, King of Saudi Arabia!).

I almost can't blame them. In Holland, Dutch people who have spoken out against Islamification of Europe have been threatened with beheading by these practitioners of a so-called PEACEFUL faith. Some of them, indeed, have been killed. This is more than unacceptable---it must be punished and it must be stopped. Just like the clinic-bombing Christian fundies of this country. It's wrong. It's not the word of ANY god. And anyone who claims it is is no better than a blasphemer.

Though some Dutch and Danish politicians have come to speak out, really the only national Western leader with any balls in this matter is the Prime Minister of Australia, who basically said to the acting-up Muslims in his country, Hey! YOU came among US! We didn't ask you to come here, but since you did, YOU will abide by OUR rules, not we by yours, and if you won’t then you will get the hell out or be kicked out.
Now THAT's sacked up! And I give him the hugest props imaginable. You’re no Chimpy McFlightsuit, sir!

At least now the Dutch and the Danes are belatedly waking up to the fact that they’ve been invaded by people who have no intention or desire to conform and every desire to transform, the wakeup call coming in the form of murder and unrest and hate speech and separatism. Hopefully, they’re not too late to do something about it…and hopefully the rest of the West will follow suit.

If you want to come to and live in a country that is not your own, you follow its goddamn rules and societal mores. If for some bizarre reason I decided I wanted to move to Saudi Arabia or Iran or Syria, I would certainly realize I would be expected to adhere to the laws of those lands---or suffer the consequences, which are far, far nastier than any we inflict on Muslims, those still being primitive societies run by spiritual and political thugs. (Not so different from ours, eh?)
And which laws and mores of theirs of course I detest, so I won’t be going any time soon. But still.

If Muslims want to live in the West, to make money, or whatever, they must realize they have to obey the Western rules. If they don’t like it, too bad. They demand the benefits of the West...freedom of speech and worship, tolerance, acceptance and understanding of their own ways...yet they are not willing to extend such things to everyone else. They don't want to be a part of the countries they move to, yet they expect those countries to change to accommodate their demands.

Well, I say they should not be allowed to enjoy anything they deny to others, and if they won't abide by the rules they chose to live under, uninvited, then they need to go someplace where THEY can make the rules. Like back where they came from. If they love Islam so much, why do so many of them flee Islamic lands for the kindly West? And if they come to the West to be freer, why do they try to mess it up with hate?

Lebanon wouldn’t be getting bombed back to desert dust if civilians there weren’t supporting and exalting Hezbollah. The bombs would not be falling on Lebanese civilians if the despicable Hezbollites weren’t hiding behind those civilians, using their own children and elderly people and the other helpless as a shield for their vile and cowardly heads. It's THEIR fault, not Israel's, not America's---and they brought it upon themselves. Can't have it both ways. Either kick Hezbollah out and publicly revile it, or suffer the consequences.

When the people of Lebanon (and the other Arab countries) decide to come join the rest of us in the twenty-first century and condemn Hezbollah (and Hamas) for the cowards and wackos and murderers and creatures of evil they truly are, we will welcome them. Until then, they deserve everything they get. As for the terrorists, bomb them with bacon and send them home to hell.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about, now we get noted Biblical scholar Mel Gibson foaming at the mouth about Jews being responsible for the wars of the world.
He claims drunkenness, and he's only too right there, but in vino veritas: You don’t suddenly become a raving anti-Semite just because you’ve had a few too many. Something had to be there to be let out by alcohol. (Though booze doesn’t help explain the jihadists. Or…DOES it?)
Lest we forget, not only did Mel make that pornographic self-invented Aramaic snuff film couple years back, but Mel’s daddy stoutly and publicly denies the Holocaust. I see the anti-Semitic apple didn’t fall too far from THAT tree…and now it’s off to rehab, as well it should be.
I'm sorry for his family and friends, but the man's proved himself an ape on too many previous occasions to be given a pass now. Though as they say, any publicity is better than none...somewhere Tom Cruise is on his knees thanking Xenu the Clam God.

Actually, though, the truth is more like BRITAIN is responsible for the wars of the world, not the Jews. Think about it. Everyplace the Brits stuck their meddling little fingers of empire (which the sun never set on only because God didn’t trust them in the dark) and solved local sectarian problems by partition, their political tool of choice, we ended up with sectarian wars. Cyprus. Northern Ireland. Israel/Palestine. Pakistan/India. Various African states. Only in South Africa has this pattern been broken, thanks to Nelson Mandela and other heroes, and even then it went on way too long. Blame the Brits.

But hey, if it can happen there, it can happen in all the other places. Perhaps people should indeed be resettled in these troubled lands, only on a REALLY local level. Every other house: Muslim/Jew/Muslim/Jew/Muslim/Jew, Catholic/Protestant/Catholic/Protestant/Catholic/Protestant, Muslim/Hindu/Muslim/Hindu/Muslim/Hindu, etc. That would either escalate the conflict until everybody’s dead (not the best possible outcome, I know, but beginning to look more and more like the most probable one) or it would force people to get along with their actual in-fact neighbors. If the houses on either side of yours belong to your enemies, you would quickly learn to make them your friends.

Well, that’s MY plan for world peace. I’m sure the check for the Prize is already in the mail from Stockholm.


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