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Friday, May 05, 2006

A True Citizen of Blogovia!

My goodness! Dig THIS...

“…[I]f I should take it into my head to insult you, and you could not answer in kind, I would be obliged to pay you a blush-fine — in proportion to your honor-price, of course, which is also set by law….”

“Such a law must be hard on your satirists.”

“Oh, they are exempt.” They both laughed, and Ríonach added, “But for the sake of that exemption, they can claim insult from no one….”

Under such a law, the President could lay it back on Mr. Colbert with no fear. (Of couse, Ríonach added to that, “Still, it doesn’t seem to blunt their tongues….”)>>>

That's a blogger quoting from my first novel, "The Copper Crown"! It delights me to see it employed in such a case (the blogger is commenting on the Steve Colbert/White House comedy routine the other day), and I appreciate the shout-out so much I left a comment on his site.

A serendipitously happy moment for the day. Thank you, Harperbruce!

The blog is worth reading...


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