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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Of Jewelry and Mets...In That Order of Importance

The Mets won on Opening Day! An omen for the season, hopefully. Small ball, beautifully played and with a little bit of luck---something that's been in short supply at Shea for way too long.

But UCLA lost...oh soooo very sad. Jim's alma mater, and my friend Mary's alma mater, so I am obliged to support and cheer. I even wear UCLA t-shirts to the gym...another gym rat, being an alumnus, noticed my shirt last night, and we had a little Bruins mini-rally right there in yoga class. To no avail, alas...maybe it's time to go over to the surfing shirts...

Today is rather blustery, with big racing dark-gray clouds, very dramatic against the cherry and pear blossoms that just popped out on street trees all over the city. I'm happy because I get to wear nice warm chenille sweaters just a bit longer. But the switchover to spring jewelry has begun...

I looooove jewelry. Have I mentioned that? Costliness has nothing to do with it, and most of my stuff is fairly modest anyway: it's just the Celtic love of adornment manifesting itself, and, equally important, such spiritual things as talismanic protection and correspondences.
Apart from all-year-round amuletic and medicine pieces (such as Jim's lion's tooth pendant and some Viking and Celtic stuff), I have seasonal jewel wardrobes just as I have seasonal clothing wardrobes; it sounds demented, I know, but it works for me. Winter is for dark gems---rubies, sapphires, garnets---and gold, heavy and elaborate pieces; spring sees the move to lighter stones like aquamarines and emeralds, and a bit of silver gets added to the mix. Summer is mostly silver and beads---coral, pearls, paua shell, rock crystal for coolness; very little gold except for the rings I wear year-round, my marriage rings and two Keltic rings I had made for my books---wearing gold in summer months makes me feel too hot. While fall brings back the darker gems and autumnal stones like citrine and topaz and amber and opal, and sees the return of gold to the lineup.

It's a bit sad putting the winter jewels away in the bank again, like sending your kids off to camp...but at least when I bring the summer stuff out it doesn't smell of mothballs.
And it's fun discovering new stones: for my birthday, my friend Kathleen gave me a temporary strand of vesuvianite briolettes and some tiny gold beads to string between them. Vesuvianite (idocrase) is a lovely, sparkly, deep yellow-green stone, and I'd never seen it before in jewel form. So that will be my new official spring necklace, after I string it with small pearls, maybe. White and green like a pear tree in blossom. Or the green and white of the Riddermark, the kingdom of Rohan.
And at Jes MaHarry's studio I saw a ring set with a prehnite, another lovely pale-green stone new to me, faceted in a checkerboard pattern...ooooh.

Okay, that's enough jewel porn for the day. Just don't get me started on chocolate...


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