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Monday, April 03, 2006


A very quiet, waaaaay too springlike weekend. Started to cry all over again when I saw the poor mutilated appletree down the block trying desperately to sprout new green leaves from tiny stubby branches. I hope the Treekiller fries in hell, the evil creature. May the wrath of the goddess Pomona come crashing down upon his head, preferably in the form of large, thick, heavy branches. Or I wouldn't weep if there should happen to be a teensy chainsaw accident...

Otherwise, I spent most of my time composing a talk for when I go back to St. Bonaventure University in three weeks to talk to the journalism students and, apparently, the entire campus community. I'm not a very good public speaker, but I plan on reading a nice long speech all about being a j-major there forty years ago and how I got into rock and met Jim and maybe a little digression about the Sixties and how we need that Sixties sensibility right here, right now.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing the campus, which I have not visited since 1969. I'm told that there's a bunch more buildings but that the area is remarkably unchanged. Spring up there can be either lovely or mud-laden, or both at the same time.
I'm planning my wardrobe already! Hopefully some people will actually show up to listen to my little talk...

Apart from that, I rewatched a couple of big-wave surfing videos (hi, Laird!), read a new Terry Pratchett book ("Thud") and tried again to sit through "The Libertine." Now, I may be a Johnny-Depp-come-lately, but since "Pirates of the Caribbean" I take a back seat to no one in my admiration of his talent. And he's so pretty, especially as Captain Jack Sparrow.
But THIS...well, I liked it a bit better this time and actually did manage to stay till the end, but for an allegedly sexy movie about a sexy 17th-century rakehell, it was surprisingly and sadly...limp. Johnny was good, he always is, but it was the unsexiest sexy movie I've ever seen. And I had such hopes...Johnny, long hair, great costumes, a POET SEX SYMBOL, why does THAT sound familiar and attractive... But no. A rather flat and dare I say boring addition to the Deppish oeuvre, which I am continuing to work through on DVD. Next up: "Ed Wood."

And today is Opening Day! I wore my Mets visor and my uniform shirt with MORRISON 71 on the back. GOOOOOOO METS!!!!!


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