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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Spring and The Tree-killer

Well, I can already see where this is going to be (a) addictive, and (b) yet another super-fun timesink (in the best sense, of course). So let's just get right the heck into it...

It is a lovely spring day out my window, and I'm cranky because spring not only means summer barrelling down the road and summers here are hellish, but NO MORE WINTER. I love winter. You can always put more clothes ON. There's a legal limit as to how many you can take off... Plus in spring/summer I can no longer wear all the nice warm fuzzy furry winter things I so love.

I'm particularly annoyed this spring...well, furious, really...because some borderline nutcase took a chainsaw to all the young trees in my neighborhood, including the Chinese willow outside my building that had a few years back replaced a much-loved 30-year-old littleleaf linden that fell over in a rainstorm.

AND Saruman Tree-killer also mutilated a gorgeous old appletree down the way. I actually wept when I saw it. AND he'd left a note in its bleeding stumps saying "Now this tree will thrive in spring!" With WHAT, pray, you freaking arboricidal wacko??? You cut off all its gloriously spreading branches!!!

I am tempted to leave notes in all the murdered trees to the effect that if I ever catch this guy at his 3 am work (somebody saw him and called the cops, but he escaped...too late, alas) I will cut him off at the knees with his own chainsaw and skewer his maimed trunk on the nearest, well, trunk. I loved that linden and appletree more than I love most people.

But, failing that, I'll just turn loose the Ents...


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