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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Word in Your Ear...

Just in case anyone's actually reading this, and thinking of commenting, I'm sorry to have to say that comments are disabled/invisible/never to be seen. So don't waste time trying to post them.

I'm tired of being used as a punching bag by dysfunctional borderline psycho Doorzoids, and I'm certainly not about to give them a forum here. They're beneath contempt, and I don't want their cooties all over me or this blog.

True, it means I therefore cannot hold intelligent and exhilarating conversations with people who have actual brains and who might wish to discuss matters of substance, and that makes me very sad, but there it is. Perhaps in the future it may change, but until that bright day finally dawns this is how it unfortunately has to be.

(Same goes for my LiveJournal spot of this same name.)


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